Imlitir 6

4th October, 2022. 

A Thuisti, 

Entrance to the school 

Starting tomorrow all children will enter the school building in the morning at the door near Mrs Vaughan’s room. The children should not congregate at the door before 8.50a.m. (until the door opens) At home time the children aren’t allowed leave the school grounds at the staff carpark for health and safety reasons. 

Tin Whistle 

The children in all classes will be learning the tin whistle next week. The books and tin whistles have been ordered and are in the office. The children will get their books and tin whistles on receipt of payment. If you haven’t paid already please do so as soon as possible. 


Reminder – if you haven’t already paid €5.00 for computer lessons please send in the money this week. 

Girls’ Football 

The girls’ football game this Friday (7th) in Skryne will start at the earlier time of 12.30p.m. They are playing Kill N.S. and we will be leaving the school at 12.05pm. If you can’t bring your child to the match please arrange a lift with another parent/guardian. I will be in charge of the girls for this game as Ms. Reynolds will in Dunboyne Library with her class. 

Library Visit 

First and Second class will be visiting Dunboyne Library by bus this Friday (7th) They will be leaving the school at 10.45a.m. and will be returning at 1.10p.m. approximately. They will be attending a workshop with author Alan Nolan. The cost of the bus is €8.00 

Literacy Lift Off 

The children in 1st/2nd class are continuing to make great progress at Literacy Lift Off. Please check your child’s bag daily as they may have a new book to read. 


The children in 1st to 4th class will have their fourth swimming lesson in Navan swimming pool this Wednesday. 

Covid – 19 

A pupil has tested positive for Covid-19. If your child tests positive he/she must stay at home until they have a negative test. 

Is mise, 

Seamus Tansley. 

Priomh Oide.