Imlitir 7

10th October, 2022. 

A Thuisti, 

Gaelic Football 

Our boys’ team are playing tomorrow in Skryne (against Dunsany) at 1.30p.m. We will be leaving the school at 1.00p.m. Our girls’ team are playing on Thursday at Rathmore School at 1.00p.m. We will be leaving the school at 12.20p.m. Please arrange a lift for your child if you can’t attend yourself. We wish both teams the best of luck as victories would ensure a position in the quarter finals. 

Positive Mental Health 

Today is positive Mental Health Day. We place a strong emphasis on Well – Being and Mindfulness in the school. As parents/guardians we may benefit by looking at resources online that may benefit our children e.g. “ Walk in my Shoes”. 

Climate Action Week 

This week is “Climate Action Week”. The aim of the week is to keep the climate conversation alive. We can all play a part – walk more, talk about climate change, stop food waste, use public transport, fly less, connect with nature, choose to reuse, plant native trees etc. 

Interative Whiteboards/Chromebooks 

The interactive Whiteboards are due to be installed in the four classrooms on Monday 17th October. The children in the senior classes have been using the chromebooks which we also purchased from the Facebook (Meta) Grant. We thank Meta for looking on last year’s application so favourably which will undoubtedly benefit the children educationally for future years to come. 

Computer Classes 

Our final computer class with Colm takes place on Thursday. A few people have yet to pay. The cost is €5.00. Please send in the money this week in an envelope as this is the final week. 


The fifth swimming lesson takes place in Navan Swimming Pool this Wednesday. The children are progressing really well. The instructors have given us very positive feedback on the progress that the children are making and in relation to their excellent behaviour so well done to them all. 

Jersey Day 

This Friday (13th) is Jersey Day – We will be encouraging the children to wear any jersey they like on Friday e.g. Rathfeigh, Skryne, Meath, Ireland or even Kerry! 

Tin Whistle 

If you haven’t paid for the tin whistle and book please do so as soon as possible as we have started teaching the tin whistle to the children in 1st to 6th class. 


If you have batteries to recycle you can put them in the box provided at reception. 

Is mise, 

Seamus Tansley. 

Priomh Oide.