Imlitir 5

Imlitir 5

24th September, 2018

A Thuisti,

Gaelic Football
After winning their first two games the boys’ football team play Skryne tomorrow at 1.45p.m. We will be leaving the school at 1.25p.m. We will need help with lifts. Please organise a lift with another parent/guardian if you can’t bring your own child to the match.
Our girls’ football team had another easy victory last week. They are playing in Trim this Thursday (27th) at 1.30p.m. We will be leaving the school at 12.45p.m. Please organise a lift for your child for the game.
It is unlikely that the children will be back to the school on both days for 2.40p.m. If your child goes home on the bus you may have to make alternative arrangements.

Art & Craft/Insurance/Orienteering/ Irish Independent
If you haven’t paid the Art & Craft (€25 per child) or Insurance (€8 per child) please do so this week. Please send in money in an envelope.
The cost of orienteering in Balrath Wood last Friday for Fifth and Sixth class pupils is €3. The cost of the Irish Independent (33 weeks)
for fifth and sixth class is €13.20.

This week’s verb of the week is Siúl (to walk). E.g. Siúl go mall (walk slowly), Siúl go cúramach (walk carefully).
This week’s phrase of the week is Slán leat (Goodbye)

Student Council
We introduced a Student Council to the school last year. In the next week or so we will be setting up a Student Council for this term. If anyone has any ideas on how we can improve on last year’s Student Council please let me know.

The following policies are on the school website:
• Child Safeguarding Statement/Risk Assessment
• Anti-Bullying
• Code of Behaviour
• Enrolment
• Safety Statement
• R.S.E.
• Administration of Medicines
• Swimming
• Homework
• Complaints Procedure
• Statement of Strategy for School Attendance

Parents/Guardians should be aware of the content of these policies. Please contact me if you would like to discuss any aspects of these policies.

Dental Forms
First and Sixth class brought home Dental Forms last Thursday if you haven’t already returned your child’s form please send it in to school tomorrow.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.
Priomh Oide.