Imlitir 32

Imlitir 32

8th May, 2017.

A Thuisti,

First Communion takes place this Saturday at 11.00a.m. in Rathfeigh Church. There is a practice in the church on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th from 1.40p.m. to 2.40p.m. On both days the children will be leaving the school at 1.30p.m. On Saturday the Parents’ Association will be providing refreshments in the school hall afterwards and the class photograph will be taken at 12.15 approximately. A big thanks to Ms. O’Donoghue for preparing the children for First Communion.

The Parents’ Association would like to ask parents/guardians in particular 1st class parents/guardians to support this years First Holy Communion celebrations by baking or supplying cakes/buns on Saturday. The Communion Mass begins at 11.00a.m. and members of the Parents’ Association will be at the school from 10.00a.m. Your support would be very much appreciated. Please contact Hazel 087-8244202.

All classes are going on school tours on Friday June 9th. The Parents’ Association have generously given €1000 towards the cost of buses. The school tours and prices including bus are as follows:

Junior/Senior Infants Newgrange Farm €10.00

First/Second Crystal Maze €20.00

Third/Fourth Clara Lara €20.00

Fifth/Sixth W5 (Belfast) €17.00

Please send in money in an envelope as soon as possible.

Our part-time resource teacher, Ms. O’Connor, will be teaching on Wednesdays and Fridays for the next four weeks.

There is a Board of Management meeting in the school tonight.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.