Imlitir 33

Imlitir 33

15th May, 2017.

A Thuisti,

Our Second class pupils received their First Communion last Saturday morning in Rathfeigh Church. The beautiful sunny day really added to the occasion. The children showed great maturity in saying their prayers and singing their songs. They were very well prepared for the ceremony by Ms. O’ Donoghue.

A huge collaborative effort made the day a great success. We would like to thank Gerry and all those who gave of their time to sing in the choir and also to the Mass servers. Our Parents’ Association did an amazing job once again this year. Thanks to the parents/guardians who helped out on the day and helped with the baking etc. The hall was beautifully decorated and all the families were greatly appreciative of the refreshments after the ceremony. A big thanks to Helen for preparing the Mass booklet, to Mrs Mc Auley and Mrs Long for organising the gifts and to Jim for giving of his time as parking attendant.

There is a Literacy Lift Off feedback meeting on Wednesday (17th) at 1.00p.m. for parents/guardians of Senior Infant pupils. This is an important meeting at which parents/guardians will get a report on their child’s progress during the Literacy Lift Off programme.

Fifth class pupils are going to Trim Castle on Friday (19th). We will be leaving the school at 10.10a.m. and will be back at 12.30p.m. (approx). Please send in €7.00 (in an envelope) to cover the cost of the bus.

All classes from First to Sixth will be doing the standardised tests in English (Micra T) and Maths (Sigma T) next week. All children in these classes must be in attendance for these tests.

Our Boys’ Football team are playing Coole tomorrow in Skryne at 1.30p.m. We are leaving the school at 1.10p.m. and will need help with lifts.

Reminder: Please send in school tour money in an envelope as soon as possible.

There is a Board of Management meeting tonight.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.