Imlitir 31

Imlitir 31

30th April, 2018.

A Thuisti,

Gaelic Football

Our boys’ and girls’ football teams are playing Coole tomorrow in Skryne at 1.30p.m. We will be leaving the school at 1.05p.m. We will need help with lifts. On Thursday (May 3rd) the boys are playing in Moynalvey at 1.15p.m. We will be leaving the school at 12.30p.m.

Education Passport – 6th class pupils

The ‘Education Passport’ is compulsory for all 6th class pupils in their transition from Primary to Post-Primary Schools. It consists of the following:

1. Teacher’s End- of -Year ‘School Report’

2. Child’s Report

All sixth class pupils will be given the ‘My Profile Sheet’ to complete. This will be shared with the child’s parents/guardians upon completion and returned to the school.

3. Parents/guardians may complete the ‘My Child’s Profile’ sheet if they wish to do so.

Please find attached a copy of these reports. In mid June upon confirmation of enrolment we will send all the above to the post-primary school that your child will be attending.

Active Week

Deidre Snowe did Yoga lessons with all classes last week during Active Week. The Yoga was thoroughly enjoyed by all children and it was a very positive experience for them all. Deidre was fantastic with the children and we hope to have her back again next year. A big thanks to Eddie for Gaelic coaching last Friday. Eddie has kindly offered to do two more coaching sessions before the end of the school year.

Board of Management Meeting

There is a Board of Management meeting in the school tonight.


Third, fourth and fifth classes completed their fourth swimming lesson today. There ae no lessons next Monday as the school is closed. The final two lessons will be on May 14th and May 21st.

School Closures

The school is closed this Friday May 4th and Monday (May 7th) for the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Pre-First Communion Mass

The final Pre- Communion Mass will take place on Saturday May 5th. There is a practice in Rathfeigh Church on Thursday May 3rd leaving the school at 1.25p.m. Please make arrangements with another parent/guardian if you can’t bring your child to the practice.

First Communion USB

Mr Dave Clarke will be doing a video of the First Communion ceremony. If you wish to order a copy the cost is €20.00. Please send in money in an envelope as soon as possible.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.