Imlitir 23

21st February, 2022.

A Thuisti,

Enrolment for September

If your child is starting school in September please send in an Enrolment From before the closing date of March 1st. If you know parents/guardians who have children of school-going age please let them know of the application deadline.


Prior to Covid-19 the children in the senior classes regularly visited Balrath Wood to take part in orienteering activities. With restrictions in schools lifted we are now in a position to take part in activities outside of school again. In March the children in 3rd-6th classes will be visiting Balrath Wood for their first ever orienteering session 5th/6th class will be orienteering on March 9th and 3rd/4th class on March 11th. These dates are subject to change. We will let you know closer to the dates the cost per child. Orienteering is a good test of children’s map reading skills and fitness and I’m sure the children are really looking forward to it.


Science-in-a-Box is nearing its conclusion with the pupils in 5th/6th class. They have learned a huge amount over the last few weeks which will really benefit them when they study science in secondary school. Ruadhán and Saoirse have very kindly written their accounts of Science-in-a-Box.


“Science-in-a-Box has been a pretty fantastic experience for me. I’ve enjoyed every single second of it and last week was no exception. Not only did we learn about all the different cells (human cells and animal cells) we did play dough models of them as well. It was an awesome activity that I hope we do again soon. Other fun activities we did over the weeks were creating working fingers out of straws, piecing together a human skeleton, super cool lung models and a whole lot more.. I really do love the science-in-a-box experience and I can’t wait to do it next week. Thank you for reading!”


“Over the past seven weeks 5th/6th class have been doing STEAM Science-in-a-Box with a DNA scientist. We’ve been learning the basics we need to know about science that will prepare us well for secondary school. We have covered the cardiovascular system, skeletal system, genetics and DNA. With every lesson there is an activity about what we’re learning about. Science-in-a-Box has been real fun and I can’t wait for next week.”

Pancake Tuesday

One of the traditions that the children in Rathfeigh always enjoy is the making of pancakes in school by our sixth class pupils on Pancake Tuesday. We will need a few parents/guardians to assist us on the day. We will be celebrating Pancake Tuesday on March 1st so please keep the date free in your diary if you are able to help out in the school.

Kilmainham Jail

The pupils in 5th/6th class will be visiting Kilmainham Jail and Glasnevin Cemetery on March 28th. This promises to be a great field trip. We will let you know the cost next week.

Happy Heart Day

Last Monday Teresa did Gaelic Football skills with the children in all classes. It was an extremely cold day so we sincerely thank Teresa for giving of her time in such conditions. The children really enjoyed it. Hopefully, Teresa will be back before the end of the year.

Mid-Term Break

The school is closed this Thursday(24th) and Friday (25th) for the mid-term break.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.