Imlitir 24  

28th February, 2022.

A Thuisti, 

Restrictions Lifted 

Please refer to the e-mail I sent to parents/guardians on Saturday in relation to Covid restrictions in schools being lifted. The children have been excellent over the last two years – dealing with remote learning, mask wearing, staggered breaks etc. To celebrate the restrictions being lifted the children will have no homework tonight. 

Pancake Tuesday 

Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday. The children in 6th class will be making pancakes for all the children in the school. We are a ‘Nut Free’ school so the children in 6th class can’t bring in products that have traces of nuts. We will need a few parents/guardians to help the children cook the pancakes. So please do your best to help out in the school from 9.15 to 11.30 approximately. 

First Confession 

The pupils in 2nd class will be receiving their First Confession in Rathfeigh Church on Thursday March 10th at 7.30p.m. 

World Book Day 

This Thursday we will be celebrating World Book Day. 


5th and 6th class are orienteering in Balrath Wood on Wednesday March 9th.  3rd and 4th class will be orienteering on March 11th. The cost per pupil is €3.00. Please send in the money in an envelope as soon as possible. 

Kilmainham Jail 

5th and 6th class will be visiting Kilmainham Jail on March 28th. The cost per pupil is €13.  The children won’t be go going to Glasnevin Cemetery as originally planned. Please send in money in an envelope as soon as possible. 


The children in 3rd and 4th class will be visiting Newgrange on May 16th. We will let you know the cost of the bus closer to the time. 

Computer Classes 

Colm will be returning to the school shortly for computer classes with the children in all classes. We will let you know the dates and cost when the dates have been confirmed. 

Enrolment for September 

If your child is starting school in September please send in an Enrolment From before the closing date of March 1st. If you know parents/guardians who have children of school-going age please let them know of the application deadline. 

Board of Management Meeting 

There is a Board of Management meeting this evening. 

Is mise, 

Seamus Tansley. 

Priomh Oide.