Imlitir 22

4th May, 2021.

A Thuisti,

Parental Complaints

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s academic or social progress in school please contact the school and make an appointment with the class teacher. Our Parental Complaints Policy is available to view on the school website. A hard copy is available on request from the office.

Standardised Tests/School Reports

All the children in First to Sixth class will be administered the Standardised tests in Gaeilge, English and Maths on June 1st to June 3rd. The end of year reports will be posted home in mid June. In the end of year school report the class teachers will report on your child’s progress over the course of the school year under four areas:

  • your child as a learner
  • your child’s personal and social development
  • your child’s progress with learning in curriculum areas
  • the next steps in your child’s learning, including ways for parents/guardians to help

We will, also, this year be reporting on your child’s remote learning experiences e.g. did they engage regularly and positively during Zoom lessons, did they upload work regularly to Edmodo etc.

Covid 19

We have approximately eight weeks left in this school year. Although there is a lot of optimism at the moment in relation to the vaccination programme and with the phased re-opening of the economy we must remain very vigilant in relation to Covid 19. The virus is still very much spreading in our communities. If your child has any symptoms whatsoever of Covid 19 then he/she must stay at home. You must assume it is Covid 19. Contact a G.P. immediately for advice. If your child gets a Covid 19 test then he/she must not return to school until he/she gets back the negative result for the test. Parental Declaration Return Forms must be returned to the school through TextaParent if your child is absent for whatever reason. The form must be returned on the day prior to their return to school.

First Communion and Confirmation

We had some information from the Meath Diocesan Office this morning. Bishop Deenihan is recommending to parishes that First Communion be deferred until September.

If the guidelines for June permit, Confirmation ceremonies will be held in June with pods of 50 – restricted to the student, their parents/guardians and sponsor. Such ceremonies will be outside Mass. At present it is not possible to confirm dates.

‘School Crest’ Art

Over the next few weeks Róisín Wade will be painting the Rathfeigh School Crest on the front of the school hall wall. We are really excited about this art project. Róisín painted the Map of Meath two years ago at the rear of the school and her work is always of the highest standard. We look forward to the finished product in a few weeks.


The attendance rates for March and April were 96% and 97% respectively.

Science in a Box

We have completed our third full lesson in Science in a Box today. The 5th/6th class pupils have completed lessons on Pangea (continental draft), evolution and physiology (respiratory system, nervous system, circulatory system etc). The children are responding very well to the online lessons and we thank our scientist Suzanne for delivering the weekly lessons

Agreed Report

The Agreed Report from the most recent Board of Management meeting was e-mailed to parents/guardians a few days ago.

Dental Screening

Sixth class pupils received a school Dental Screening Consent Form today.

Please fill in form and return to the school tomorrow.

Part-Time Resource Teacher

Our part-time resource teacher Mrs Cooke finished in our school today. We thank Rosemary for her great work over the course of the school year.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.