Imlitir 23

10th May, 2021.

A Thuisti,

Education Passport – 6th class

Last week we e-mailed parents/guardians of 6th class pupils information on the Education Passport materials that will be forwarded to the secondary schools that the children will be attending in September. Please fill out the ‘My Child’s Profile’ sheet and return by e-mail (PDF format) to the school tomorrow please. ([email protected]) During the week the children will fill out the ‘My Profile’ sheet in school. School reports will be posted home in mid June.

After- school activities

Since schools were closed on March 12th last year we have been unable to have after-school activities. Not only are after school activities beneficial for the development of the children it is also an important source of income for the school. Our Board of Management decided not to have after school activities so as to reduce the risk of Covid-19 entering the school which would have put the health and safety of the Rathfeigh School community at risk. The Boards decision to put health and safety before hall rental income has helped significantly in the school not having any positive Covid-19 cases to date.

With the easing of restrictions we are now in a position to run after-school activities again. Gymnastics Ireland are giving the go ahead for gymnastics to recommence in early June.

If you would like to run an after-school activity between now and the summer, or a summer camp please contact Helen in the office. We are hoping to have after school activities when we return in September also. Please contact Helen if you would like to organise after school activities in September. It will be on a first come, first served basis. We look forward to hearing from you.


The pupils in 5th/6th class are progressing really well with the weekly live Zoom Science-in-a-Box sessions. This week’s lesson (Wednesday) will be based on the topic of Vital Signs – Temperature, Heart Rate/Pulse, Breathing Rate and Reaction Times.

Picker Pals – Litter Picking Programme

The pupils in 1st and 2nd class are taking part in this unique school based litter-picking programme. This programme motivates and equips children with “Picker Packs” containing items that children need to go litter picking. We hope the children continue positively with this important social and environmental issue over the next few weeks. After receiving a ‘Green Flag’ for the school last year this programme is another way of getting the ‘Green’ message across to our pupils and families in Rathfeigh. Thanks to Ms. O’Donoghue for co-ordinating the programme.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.