Imlitir 18

Imlitir 18 13th January, 2020.

A Thuisti,

Computer Classes

All classes will have four computer lessons over the next few weeks with Colm. Lessons will be on Wednesdays for four weeks starting this Wednesday 15th January. The cost is €5.00 for four lessons. Please send in the money in an envelope as soon as possible.

Literacy Lift Off

Literacy Lift Off for First class pupils starts tomorrow for five/six weeks. The children will be getting books to read on a nightly basis. Please ensure that your child reads aloud to you at home.

Credit Union Quiz

The Tara & District Credit Union quiz takes place in Skryne School hall on Monday February 3rd at 6.30p.m. Mrs Vaughan will be giving a general knowledge quiz to the pupils in Third to Sixth class this Thursday. The scores in this quiz will determine who will get on the quiz teams. We hope to enter six teams for the quiz in Skryne. Best of luck to all the pupils.

Screen Time

The amount of screen time spent by children is an issue all year round but particularly after Christmas with children getting presents of phones, games etc. There is a lot of helpful advice for parents/guardians from various organisations e.g. Zeeko Education on how we can keep our children safe online and the recommended screen time daily. Some of the helpful advice tips are:

· Agree a clear set of rules with your child regarding screen time.

· Limit screen time in bedroom.

· Be a positive role model i.e. monitor your own use yourself.

· Keep communication open.

· Parental controls need to be put in place. If you have little knowledge on parental controls then seek advice.

· The 5:1 rule should apply. For every hour with screen time there should be five hours of other activities e.g. playing with friends, homework, extra-curricular etc.

Excessive screen time can lead to a change in behaviour. As parents/guardians we need to proactively and positively engage with our children in relation to screen time before negative consequences arise.

Tin Whistle

All pupils from Second to Sixth classes will be starting tin whistle practice this week. First class will start tin whistle when Literacy Lift Off is completed.

HSE Respiratory Hygiene

Please find attached a letter from the HSE in relation to respiratory hygiene in schools, creches and homes. The online resources with practical advice may be useful.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.