Imlitir 10

13th November, 2023 

A Thuisti, 

Gaelic Football 

Our boys’ team had another good year with them reaching the semi-finals for the second successive year. Although they were beaten by a very impressive Kilskyre team I couldn’t have been prouder of their efforts. They fought valiantly against a much bigger Kilskyre team and their work-rate was exceptional. Well done to them all. If your child didn’t return their football jersey to school today please do so tomorrow. 

Science Week  

This week is Science Week. Over the course of the week the children will be doing a variety of interesting science experiments and presenting them in class. Please log onto for science ideas. The focus this year during Science Week is for us to consider what it means to be human in today’s world!! 


The Covid pandemic has put a huge emphasis on us as educators on the importance of well-being for the children under our care. When the school fully re-opened “after” Covid I applied to the Ashbourne Municipal District (Councillor Suzanne Jamal) for a grant to be spent on Well-being/Mindfulness. We were successful in this application which resulted in us being able to have Mindfulness lessons in the school at no expense to parents/guardians (Two six-week sessions) and to purchase yoga mats for all the children. We also, during this period, had a fundraising event to secure funding to create our own Sensory Room. With the help of a lot of goodwill and hard work we created our own Sensory Room “The Hideaway” which is benefiting a huge number of pupils on a daily basis. We thank Nicola and Mrs Vaughan (who co-ordinated the project) and Ms Reynolds (who did the artwork). 

To keep momentum behind our well-being initiatives I applied to Meta for a grant last year for an Interactive Multi-Sensory Room. We were delighted that Meta looked favourable on our 20k  application. During the Halloween break all the books and equipment (maths/science) were moved from the room adjoining our present Sensory Room to allow this room be used for part of our new Interactive Sensory Room. A big thanks to Damien who removed the large shelving in this room and relocated them to my office. Nicola and Mrs Vaughan are co-ordinating this project and we will keep everyone informed of developments. 

Our School Self-Evaluation this year will focus on Well-Being. Over the course of the next few weeks/months we will be writing up our School Self-Evaluation Report and School Improvement Plan. This will require gathering evidence from stakeholders – parents/guardians, children, staff etc. 


Badminton continues this week with Teresa for the children in all classes. If you haven’t already paid please do so this week ( £5 in an envelope with your child’s name on it) 

Parent/Teacher Meetings 

Parent/Teacher meetings take place next week on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November from 3.15p.m.Please indicate a suitable day and time and we will try to accommodate you if possible. Please return the slip below by Wednesday 15th November 

If these days don’t suit you please contact the class teacher to arrange a suitable day and time. Later this week when we have all the ‘slips’ back the children will be given the day and time of their parent/teacher meeting and they will write it in their school journal.  Junior and Senior Infants will get the time of their meetings on a slip of paper.  The school will close at 1.00p.m. for all pupils on both days. We ask parents/guardians to collect their child promptly on these days so that meetings can start on time. There will be a school bus on Thursday 23rd  and Friday 24th at 1.00p.m. Please note Mrs Vaughan will not be in school on Friday 24th November. 

Is mise, 

Seamus Tansley. 

Priomh Oide.