Imlitir 8

Imlitir 8

14th October, 2019.

A Thuisti,

Dental Forms

Sixth class pupils received a Dental Screening Form today. Please complete the form and return it to the office by Wednesday 16th October.

Meath Book Festival

Fifth and Sixth classes are visiting the Solstice in Navan tomorrow for the ‘Magical History Tour’. They are going by bus and leaving the school at 9.20a.m. and will be returning at 11.30p.m. We need a parent / guardian to go to the event for supervision purposes.

On Wednesday First and Second classes will be going to Navan Library for readings from the author Erika Mc Gann. They are going by bus. We will be leaving at 12.15p.m. and returning at 2.30p.m. We need parents/guardians to go on the trip. Please let Ms. Ward know if you can attend.

Student Council

Last week we gave the opportunity to pupils in 3rd to 6th class to present their ideas for the student council. We got amazing feedback from the pupils and it was great to hear their ideas. It was very difficult to decide who would be on the first student council of the year but in the end the following pupils made it on the council – Amy, Jay Jay, Brooke and Thomas. We look forward to working in partnership with the pupils for the benefit of the school.

Parents’ Association A.G.M.

The annual Parents’ Association A.G.M. takes place on Monday October 21st at 8.00p.m. in the school. I have been kindly invited to this meeting and look forward to answering questions from parents/guardians on the night.

Maths Week

We will be celebrating Maths Week in the school this week. All classes will be going a variety of interesting activities during the week. There are a number of interesting websites under ‘Links’ on the school website that you can use with your children at home. If you come across any interesting websites please let us know and we can put them up on the school website.

Yoga and Computers

The final yoga and computer lessons take place this week. We would like to thank Deidre and Colm for their enthusiasm in preparing interesting and challenging lessons for the last few weeks. We hope they will be back later in the year.

Halloween Fancy Dress

On Friday October 25th we would like to invite parents/guardians to the school from 9.15 to 10.00a.m. for our annual Fancy Dress. We would encourage all children to dress up and get into the spirit of Halloween. All classes will perform a song/poem for parents/guardians. We are also having a Pumpkin Competition. In the days leading up to October 25th parents/guardians can assist their children in designing a pumpkin at home. These pumpkins will be brought into school on October 25th. There will be small prizes for the top three pumpkins in each class. All children will be going home at 1.40p.m. The school will re-open after the mid-term break on November 4th.

Graduation Mass

The Sixth class Graduation Mass will take place in the school on Thursday 25th June, 2020 at 7.30p.m.


There is still some money outstanding for the following:

Art & Crafts (€33) Insurance (€8) Yoga & Computers (€10) Irish Independent ( Fifth and Sixth class only €16.50) Bus to library events (€5).

If you haven’t already paid for all of the above please send in money in an envelope this week.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.