Imlitir 4

21st September, 2020.

A Thuisti,


Schools have different approaches to homework in the current pandemic. We feel that homework is more important than ever as it reinforces what has been learned in school. It also informs parents/guardians to how their children are coping with school work. If your child is having difficulty with their homework please write a note in your child’s journal       (letter 19th March – school work and websites) has good educational websites which may be useful to your child particularly if they are absent from school.

Gaelic Football/Rugby Coaching

Over the last few years we have been very lucky to have professional coaches visit the school to train the children in the skills of gaelic football and rugby. This has resulted in the majority of children participating in these activities on a regular basis.

Gaelic football coaching will take place on Mondays for all classes (starting today) and rugby coaching will take place on Tuesdays for Third to Sixth classes. This will form part of the P.E. Curriculum. Due to Covid-19 the following precautions are in place. If a coach is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 he will contact the school by phone and the session will be cancelled. All activities will take place outdoors. If the weather is not conducive to training outdoors then the session will be cancelled. It will not be held indoors. All children will sanitise their hands before, during and after activities. Any equipment used will be sanitised after each session. Games will be adapted to ensure as much physical distancing as possible.


Our Statement of Strategy for School Attendance Policy is on the school website (as per last week’s letter) Attendance is imputed on the Aladdin computer system at 10.00a.m. Children not physically present in school at that time are marked absent. On returning to school after an absence parents/guardians must send in an absence note (back of child’s journal or downloadable from the school website) The reason for the absence is uploaded to Aladdin. If your child is absent in relation to Covid-19 then this will be noted on Aladdin. Parents/guardians should know the content of this policy. A hard copy is available on request from the office.

Isolation Art Competition

March and April was a particularly difficult time for the children as ‘lockdown’ was in place. We tried to make things as interesting as possible so we encouraged the children to take part in the Irish Times ‘Isolation Art’ competition. All children who participated were to be given a prize (letter May 1st). In the next week or so we will have a small prize for the following pupils Aibhlinn, Niall, Aoibhlinn, Ella, Mia, Jessica, Nicola, Leila, Faye, Isabelle, Sonas, Archie, Freya, Ava, Eoin, Sean, Cathal, Harris, Ruadhán, Katelin, Killian Isobel, Timmy, Jay Jay, Nini, Gracie, Cara, Chloe and Amy.

Admission Policy

All schools were obliged to draft a new Admissions Policy over the summer. If you wish to enrol your child for the 2021/22 school year you can do so after October 1st. You must apply regardless of whether you sent in a form already. If you know someone who has a child of school-going age please get them to contact the school for an application form.


The school, like every other school in Ireland, does not carry Personal Accident Insurance. So if your child were to trip in the yard and fall he/she would not be covered for any ensuing injuries. The school does, however, carry Public Liability Insurance. Under this insurance a child’s injuries could be covered if, through legal process, it could be proven that the accident happened through culpable negligence on the part of the school. As it is unlikely that injuries will be compensated through the above, Allianz each year offers to parents/guardians a Personal Accident Policy cost  €8.00 which provides medical insurance to cover all accidents 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We ask all families to take out this cover.

Art & Craft and Copy Prices

    Insurance     Art & Craft    Copies/Journal/Folders           Total Due

Junior Infants        €8.00          €25.00                  €7.00                             €40.00

Senior Infants       €8.00          €25.00                  €3.00                             €36.00

First Class            €8.00          €25.00                  €8.00                             €41.00

Second Class        €8.00          €25.00                  €8.00                             €41.00

Third Class            €8.00          €25.00                  €8.00                             €41.00

Fourth Class          €8.00          €25.00                  €8.00                             €41.00

Fifth Class            €8.00          €25.00                  €8.00                             €41.00

Sixth Class           €8.00          €25.00                  €8.00                             €41.00

If you wish to pay by cash please put the total amount in an envelope with your child’s name and class on it.

We are in the process of setting up an online payment system which should be in operation in the next week to ten days. If you would prefer this method of payment we will let you know the details as soon as possible.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.