Imlitir 5

28th September, 2020.

A Thuisti,

Secondary Schools

This is an important year for sixth class pupils as they will be deciding which secondary school they will be going to next year. Parents/guardians should contact the secondary schools in the area that their children might be attending next year so as to get information about open nights and application deadline dates. I strongly advise all parents/guardians to contact the secondary schools immediately as many secondary schools do not contact us with this information. Many open nights take place as early as October.

Credit Union Art Competition

This year’s Credit Union Art Competition 2020 theme is “ Imagine More “ It encourages entrants to think past the current situation and imagine. During the current pandemic art has helped to connect people from all walks of life. This year’s theme “Imagine More” encourages participants to express this connectivity on paper. The children will complete this activity at home. It must be their own work! The closing date is October 23rd. Good luck to all pupils.

Gaelic/Rugby Coaching

We had very positive feedback from the children who participated in gaelic and rugby coaching last week. Our coaches are very professional, enthusiastic and always encourage positive participation from the children. We are delighted to be able to provide this for the children particularly in the present circumstances.

Admissions Policy/Admissions Statement

Our ‘Admissions’ Policy is now on the school website to view. A hard copy is available from the office on request. Parents/guardians who have children starting in Rathfeigh N.S. in September 2021 should be aware of the content of this policy. The following dates should be noted.

  • The school will commence accepting applications on October 1st 2020
  • The school will cease accepting applications on March 1st 2021
  • Applicants will be notified of the decision on their application March 20th 2021
  • Applicants must confirm acceptance of offer by April 2nd 2021

If you know parents/guardians who have children starting school in September 2021 please make them aware of these dates.

Feedback from Parents/Guardians

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on distance learning while the school was closed. This feedback in conjunction with feedback from the teachers will be very beneficial in the event that the school is closed for whatever reason in the future. The following is some of the feedback.

  • Parents/guardians were happy with the communication from the school by textaparent and school website while the school was closed – useful websites for children, art competitions, RST publications, Agreed Reports, New Policies etc.
  • Parents/guardians found it difficult to balance working from home with home schooling. Some parents/guardians said the broadband was poor resulting in their children, on occasion, not being able to log onto Edmodo or Zoom sessions.
  • Some parents/guardians felt that there could have been more ‘Zoom’ sessions.
  • Some parents/guardians felt that their lack of ‘devices’ impacted on Edmodo/Zoom.
  • Some parents/guardians felt that there could have been more ‘Zoom’ sessions needed while some parents/guardians felt the number of ‘Zoom’ sessions was sufficient.
  • Only 40% of parents/guardians who had children getting Learning Support from Mrs Campbell availed of the ‘Zoom’ sessions provided by Mrs Campbell.
  • Teachers felt the ‘Zoom’ sessions went well but some children were consistently ill-prepared for the sessions e.g. not having copies/pencils etc.

As a result of this feedback we believe that a mixture of ‘Zoom’ sessions daily in conjunction with Edmodo is the best approach to take if the school closes e.g. A maths ‘Zoom’ session ( 40 minutes) followed by work to be completed on Edmodo. Later in the day there will be another ‘Zoom’ session to correct work on Edmodo and to teach another subject followed by Edmodo again. Of course a timetable will be in place so that there isn’t overlapping of ‘Zoom’ for children in the same household.

Green Schools

We have received our first green flag and certificate for litter and waste. The flag will be presented to the children at an assembly on Thursday 1st October to coincide with Tetra Pack National Tree day.

To celebrate this occasion we will plant a Scots Pine tree and a selection of Spring bulbs to enhance the schools biodiversity.

Credit Union

Every Friday morning a member of Tara & District Credit Union visits the school. This a great opportunity for the children to get into the habit of saving money. We have forms in the office if you would like your child to join the Credit Union.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide