Imlitir 19

Imlitir 19

28th January, 2019.

A Thuisti,

ALDI / IRFU Rugby Initiative

For the last few years various classes have had tag rugby training sessions with a coach from Ashbourne Rugby Club. Fifth and Sixth class pupils took part in a blitz in November. The children in our school really enjoy rugby so we have decided to take part in the ALDI/IRFU initiative. The aim is to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle through non-contact forms of rugby.

How to enter

If you spend €30 or more in ALDI you will be given a sticker (28th January to April 7th). The sticker should be brought into the school. We have to collect 300 stickers. If we collect 300 stickers we will be in a draw to win €50,000 for playing facilities in the school. The chances of winning is slim but all schools who participate will get rugby balls, bag and water bottles. We have registered with the ALDI play rugby programme which gives us access to online coaching resources and hopefully some free equipment for our school.


Swimming for pupils in 4, 5th and 6th classes will take place in Navan Swimming pool after the mid-term break. Swimming lessons will take place on Mondays starting on February 25th. Swimming fulfils the aquatics module of the P.E. curriculum. If a child is unable to participate in aquatics a letter must be written to the Board of Management requesting exemption. Our Swimming Policy is on the school website.

Catholic Schools Week

We are celebrating Catholic Schools Week in the school this week. During the week all classes will be doing a variety of lessons on the theme “ Celebrating the Work of Our Local Catholic Schools”.

Credit Union Quiz

The Tara and District Credit Union Quiz takes place next Monday in Skryne School Hall. We have six teams participating and they are all working very hard with Mrs Vaughan in preparation for the quiz. We wish all teams the best of luck in the quiz.

Confirmation and First Communion Photographs

Pupils in Second and Sixth classes will bring home a booking form from Circus Photography today for First Communion and Confirmation photographs. Early booking is advisable.

Agreed Report

Please find attached the Agreed Report from the Board of Management meeting of January 21st 2019.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide