Imlitir 17

Imlitir 17
11th March, 2013.

A Thuisti,

We are very grateful to everyone who completed the questionnaires on reading in our school. The views and opinions from these questionnaires will help us greatly in the completion of the School Self Evaluation Report. Mrs Vaughan is currently revamping the library with help from fifth and sixth class pupils. The very old and tattered books are being thrown out. We need to re-stock the library with newer books. We would be grateful if parents could donate books that are in good condition to our school library this week.

Our new school website is up and running after months of preparation ( We want to thank Kieran Hennessy for his expertise, advice, time and patience in creating the website. The website is in its infancy and it will continue to evolve over the coming months and years. We hope you like the website and we would value your opinions on how it can be improved.
Accord: The children in sixth class will be doing the Accord RSE Programme on Monday April 8th . The Accord facilitators will hold a meeting with the parents of the children in fifth and sixth class on Wednesday 20th March at 7.30p.m.. This meeting is to familiarise parents with the content that will be covered in the programme. Parents will be able to ask questions and view materials being used. It is very important that at least one parent attends this meeting as parents will be asked to sign a consent form in order for their children to complete the programme. Last year parents found the meeting very helpful and with this in mind the parents of fifth class children should attend because there won’t be a parents meeting next year.
After the success of the tennis coaching in the school last year we have decided to start tennis again after Easter. The cost is €10.00 for eight weeks. Please send in the money in an envelope.
To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we are having a ceilí in the school hall on Friday 15th March. Friday is a non-uniform day and the children should wear something green for the ceilí. We would like to thank Mrs. Vaughan for teaching the children all the dances in preparation for the ceilí.
The Boys’ Gaelic Football Team are playing in the 7-a-side competition in Dunshaughlin on Tuesday 12th March at 3.30p.m. The Girls’ Gaelic Football Team are playing in Skryne on Thursday 14th March at 3.15p.m. We wish both teams the best of luck in their respective competitions.
The Board of Management respectfully requests that children should not enter the school grounds before 8.50a.m. due to health and safety reasons. Under no circumstances should parents leave the school before the door to the hall is opened.
The Enrolment and Critical Incident policies were ratified by the Board of Management on March 7th , copies of which are available on request from the office.
The school is closed on Monday 18th March.
Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.