Imlitir 15

Imlitir 15                                                              9th December, 2019.

A Thuisti,

Christmas Carol Service

Our Christmas Carol Service takes place on Friday 20th December at 11.00a.m. We would like to invite parents/guardians to the school for the Carol Service which will start at 11.00a.m. sharp and finish at 11.30a.m. After the carols we will have the Parents’ Association Christmas Raffle.

Parents’ Association Christmas Raffle

Our annual Parents’ Association Raffle will take place on Friday December 20th. This week all families will get books of tickets to sell. Please make an effort to sell the tickets as this is a great fundraiser for the school. The prizes are fantastic again this year.

Christmas Jumper Day

This Friday is Christmas Jumper Day. It is a non-uniform day and the children can wear a Christmas Jumper if they have one.

Student Council Children’s Raffle

Our student council members are organising a Christmas Raffle for the children. There will be three small hampers as prizes ( €40, €25 and €15). The cost of tickets is €1. Children should only buy one or two tickets as the prizes are quite small.

Tara & District Credit Union

This Friday December 13th is the last credit union day in the school before Christmas. The Credit Union will be back on Friday January 24th  2020.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.