Notice to parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The last few months have been very challenging for everyone in society and no more so than parents/guardians having to balance work and home-schooling. It was great working with the children on Edmodo and Zoom and, in general, they seem very resilient and coping as well as can be expected under the present difficult circumstances. When schools closed on March 12th very few could have envisaged what was ahead of us. The children have missed out on so much – educationally and socially. June is always a month with numerous activities happening in the school but hopefully we can get back to normal living and schooling in the next few months! The Department of Education are meeting next week and they will be giving guidelines as to how schools will be opening safely at the end of the summer. It’s disappointing that the end-of-year sixth class graduation will not take place but we will have a graduation at some stage after receiving the guidelines from the government. The traditional signing of jumpers may be signed at a later date also. We will endeavour to keep parents/guardians of 6th class pupils informed of developments as soon as we get the safety guidelines from the government.

End-of-Year School Reports

The end-of-year school reports will be posted home to parents/guardians this Thursday June 11th. If you haven’t received a report by Tuesday June 16th please e-mail the school. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your child’s report please e-mail the school and the class teacher will get back to you as soon as possible.

Class Groupings/Teachers

The following are the class groupings and class teachers for the 2020/21 school year.

Juniors/Seniors        –   Mrs Vaughan

First/Second             –   Ms O’ Donoghue

Third/Fourth             –   Ms Reynolds

Fifth/Sixth                 –   Mr Tansley

Learning Support      –   Mrs Campbell

Return of School Books/Book Rental

Bridget Copeland will be organising the Book Rental Scheme again this year. This is a huge undertaking in “normal” circumstances but even more so this year. On Saturday June 13th school books that the children have at home and will be needed next year (e.g. English readers, dictionaries, music books) must be returned to the school. Books that were written into (e.g. spellbound, maths book, Irish book) must be brought home. Due to social distancing guidelines etc we have allocated specific times for parents/guardians to call to the school to collect books and in some cases return books. The school hall will be used for collecting and dropping off books. Bridget Copeland will be collecting money for the Book Rental Scheme – Juniors/Seniors £55 . All other classes £75

10am – 11am        –  Parents of Junior/Senior Infants

11am  – 12 Noon   – Parents of 1st/2nd class

12 Noon – 1pm     –  Parents of 3rd/4th class

1pm – 2 pm           – Parents of 5th/6th class

The following are the guidelines that must be adhered to on June 13th

  1. Parents/guardians must strictly adhere to the time slots given for each class (Exception: If you have a number of children in the school please call to the school at the slot of your youngest child).
  2. We will have a one-way system in operation. Please enter by the front door of the hall and exit by the Fire Door exit in the hall.
  3. Only one adult from each family is allowed into the school hall – No children allowed.
  4. Social distancing guidelines of 2 metres must be observed by parents/guardians in the aschool hall.
  5. There will be desks for books for each classroom. Please put the books that you are returning on the correct desk. Please take home the bundle of books belonging to your child.
  6. Please sanitise your hands before entering the hall and when exiting the hall.
  7. The wearing of face masks is optional.
  8. We are conscious that people may not have met each other in a long time but please have your chats outside the school gate and not while in the hall.
  9. Bridget Copeland will be collecting money for the book rental (Junior/Seniors 55 Euro. All other classes 75 Euro). If you are paying by cash please have the exact amount in an envelope. If you are paying by cheque please make the cheque payable to Rathfeigh Parents and Friends Association. Bridget is hoping to collect all money on Saturday 13th as the current pandemic is not conducive to organising the collection of money at a later date.