Keep children busy

Dear Parents/guardians              

March 21st 2020

I hope everyone is keeping safe and sane in these challenging times. On Thursday we uploaded a letter to the website with a few educational websites that the children may find challenging and interesting. The INTO has issued “Tips and Tricks – Home Learning” which I have attached. This has interesting and novel ideas and websites which may be of benefit to the children. Please browse some of these and I’m sure some will be of benefit to your child. These websites are meant to assist parents/guardians in home learning and are not meant to be a burden and a source of stress! It is up to us as parents/guardians to be selective in the quantity and variety of websites we use!

We have also attached an interesting newspaper article which you may or may not have seen titled “Keep children busy by creating memories and writing diaries”. I hope someone will find it beneficial.

Of course “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Children need to be children. They need fun, play, exercise etc etc. For the girls and boys interested in gaelic football “all you need is a ball and a wall” to do the following skills:

     Solo:              20 left foot, 20 right foot

     Pick up:         20 left foot, 20 right foot

     Fist pass:        20 left hand, 20 right hand

     Punt kick:       20 left foot, 20 right foot

     Body catch:    20

     High catch:     20

Please continue to be safe. “Health is better than wealth”.

Seamus Tansley