Isolation Art

Rathfeigh National School    


Benjamin Disraeli (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) famously said that “there is no education like adversity”. In the current crisis that we are experiencing we are seeing people and communities pulling together for the better good and people are thinking “outside the box” to keep their businesses afloat. I’m sure the children are thinking outside the box also to keep themselves busy and active. We, as a society, must think outside the box also to ensure that life can return to something resembling normality in the next few months. If schools are to reopen then it will have to be done in a manner that differs significantly to what we normally are used to. Hopefully, this can happen in a safe environment before the summer. I hope this can happen particularly for our sixth class pupils as it would be very sad for them not to be able to say goodbye properly to their school mates and teachers after spending eight formative years in school.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Last week the Irish Times were running an art competition for children titled “Isolation Art”. The children had to draw a picture which reflected their experiences (good or bad) over the last few weeks since the school was closed. We asked the children in Rathfeigh to send  their entries to the school also via the school e-mail or through the online learning platform “Edmodo”. The entries were excellent. It’s true that “a picture paints a thousand words” as the pictures expressed their varied emotions with a mixture of positivity and a little negativity. As the entries were of a very high standard the teachers decided on “Zoom” during the week that all the children who entered deserved a prize. The children will get their prizes on returning to school which will hopefully be before the summer.

Juniors: Aibhlinn, Niall

Seniors: Aoibhinn, Ella

First:      Mia, Jessica, Nicola

Second: Leila, Faye, Isabelle

Third:     Sonas, Archie, Freya, Ava, Eoin, Seán

Fourth:   Harris, Ruadhán, Katelin, Killian, Isobel, Timmy

Fifth:      Jay Jay

Sixth:     Nini, Gracie, Cara, Chloe, Amy

If any entry to the school was not included in the list above please e-mail the school as the entries were sent to the various teachers on Edmodo and by e-mail. This may have resulted in us missing an entry or two by mistake!!