Imlitir 31

Imlitir 31

5th May 2015.

A Thuisti,

Second class pupils will receive their First Holy Communion this Saturday in Rathfeigh Church at 11.00a.m. It is an exciting time for the children as they prepare to receive their third sacrament. The children will be practising in the Church on Wednesday and Thursday from 9.30 – 10.30a.m. The choir will be practising in the Church on Wednesday and Thursday 9.30 – 10.30a.m. We hope the children and their families have an enjoyable and spiritual day on Saturday.

There is a Literacy Lift Off feedback meeting for parents/guardians of Senior Infant pupils on Thursday 7th May at 1.50p.m.

Our Girls’ Rounders’ Team are playing Kiltale in Skryne football pitch tomorrow (Wednesday May 6th) at 1.00p.m. The girls must wear football boots due to soft underfoot conditions. We will be leaving the school at 12.50p.m. We hope to be finished at 2.30p.m.

All classes are going on school tours on Friday 5th June. The following are the cost of each tour including bus. We would like to thank the Parents’ Association for contributing €1000.00 towards the cost of buses. We are asking you to send in €10.00 deposit (in an envelope) for tours by Wednesday 13th May.

Junior and Senior Infants, First and Second             Causey                                     €15.00

Third and Fourth                                                         Clara Lara                                    €20.00
Fifth and Sixth                           The Wax Museum and the Viking Splash       €18.00

Please find attached a synopisis of Circular 0025/2015 (Primary Online Database) which was published by the Department of Education on April 15th.

The school will be closed on Friday May 22nd for the Marriage Equality Referendum and the referendum on reducing the age of candidates allowed to contest the presidential election.

The Parents’ Association have a few 2015 Calendars remaining. They are selling them at just €2.00 each. Please send in money in an envelope.

Important Dates:

First Communion                                May 9th.
Standardised Tests                              (1st – 6th) May 25th – May 28th

School Tours                                       June 5th

School Reports                                    June 16th (Posted)

6th Class Gradutation Mass                 June 25th

If you wish to order a copy of the First Communion please send in €20.00 by Thursday 7th.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Circular 0025/2015


On the 15th April 2015 the Department of Education published Circular 0025/2015 (Primary Online Database) POD. The circular seeks to address the main issues and concerns that schools and parents/guardians may have in relation to POD. A revised version of the POD Fair Processing Notice is available on It outlines the legal basis under which schools can ask parents/guardians for their child’s PPSN. The POD retention policy has been revised and identifiable information will be retained until the pupils’ 19th birthday.


From 2016/2017, the enrolment counts on POD will become the basis for grant payments and teacher allocations. It is vital therefore that a record exists on POD for each pupil enrolled.


A very small minority of parents who have children enrolled in the 2014/15 academic year have expressed concerns about data being transferred onwards to POD. The revised Fair Processing Notice and updated retention policy has been prepared by the Department ( The Department is satisfied that there is a clear legal basis for the transfer of data onwards from schools to POD. If a parent/guardian after reading this circular, strongly objects to the provision of data for POD the following arrangements will apply.


  1. Parents/Guardians need to put their objections in writing in order for their wishes to be carried out. Parents/guardians who don’t put their objection in writing will be informed that their record will be otherwise transferred to POD within a four week timeframe.
  2. On receipt of a letter from parents/guardians outlining their objections the school can create a partial record for that pupil on POD. This will ensure that the pupil will be counted for grant payments and teacher allocation purposes.
  3. Partial records will only be accepted for pupils already enrolled in the 2014/15 academic year. Data for all new entrants from 2015/16 will be transferred to POD.
  4. All schools will be required to have a record for all enrolled pupils on POD for 2016/17 academic year. If a partial record has been created for a pupil then the corresponding letter from that pupils’ parents/guardians will be kept on file in the school for further inspection on request from the Department’s Inspectorate.All parents/guardians should read Circular 0025/2015 and the revised Fair Processing Notice. The information above is only a synopsis of the information in the circular. If you have any concerns or queries about this circular please don’t hesitate to contact me.





Seamus Tansley.