Imlitir 26

Imlitir 26

19th March, 2019.

A Thuisti,

Stay Safe

All classes will be doing the Stay Safe programme as part of the SPHE curriculum. The children may, on occasion, have worksheets to complete at home. Please ensure these worksheets are signed.

Boys 7-a-side Football

Our boys gaelic football team play in the Meath Finals tomorrow in Dunganny at 3.15p.m. We will be leaving the school at 2.30p.m. Please organise a lift for your child if you can’t be in attendance yourself. We wish the boys the best of luck tomorrow. It’s a great achievement to get to the finals especially taking the size of the school into consideration. Best of  luck boys.


Our ceilí in the school last week was really enjoyable. It was a fun day and the children enjoyed showing off their Irish dancing skills. It was great to see a large number of parents/guardians in the hall to see their children. A special thanks to Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Campbell for teaching the children in all classes the dances.


School starts at 9.00a.m. sharp. All children should be in the class line in the school hall before the bell rings at 9.00a.m. If your child arrives late to school, i.e. after 9.00a.m. you must sign your child in at reception in the Sign In/Sign Out book.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.