Imlitir 2

Imlitir 2

3rd September, 2018.

A Thuisti,

Sixth Class – Secondary School

This is a big year for sixth class pupils as they will be deciding which secondary school they will be going to next year. All parents/guardians of sixth class pupils should contact all secondary school that their children may be interested in going to for dates for open evenings, enrolment forms etc.


Our Statement of Strategy for School Attendance is on the school website. A hard copy is available from the office. The main elements of the policy are:

* The attendance of pupils is recorded on the Alladin computer system at 10.00a.m.

* Any pupil not in attendance at the time is marked absent.

* When a child is absent the parent/guardian must inform the class teacher by means of an Absence Note to explain the reason for the absence. The absence note is available from the school journal, school website or from the office.

* A letter will be sent to parents/guardians at the end of the school year to inform them of the school’s obligation to report to TUSLA if their child has been absent for 20 days or more. All parents/guardians should read the policy and be aware of its contents


The school, like every other school in Ireland, does not carry Personal Accident Insurance. So if your child were to trip in the yard and fall he/she would not be covered for any ensuing injuries. The school does, however, carry Public Liability Insurance. Under this insurance a child’s injuries could be covered if, through legal process, it could be proven that the accident happened through culpable negligence on the part of the school. As it is unlikely that injuries will be compensated through the above, Allianz each year offers to parents/guardians a Personal Accident Policy cost €8.00 which provides medical insurance to cover all accidents 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We ask all families to take out this cover. (An application form is attached with further information which doesn’t need to be returned with payment).

Parental Permission Forms

All children were given a Parental Permission Form last week. Please return these forms tomorrow.


We are introducing the Frása na Seachtaine and Briathar na Seachtaine. This week’s Briathar na Seachtaine (Verb of the week) is Dún (Close).

Samplaí Dún and doras – Dún do mhála scoile – Dún an cuisneoir (fridge). An bhfuil cead agam an doras a dhúnadh (Can I close the door).

Frása na Seacthaine

Dia duit – Dia is Muire duit (Hello)

Please encourage your children to use these phrases at home on a daily basis.


Pupils in Third to Sixth classes will have rugby coaching during school on Thursdays until Halloween.

Determined for Dylan

Dylan visited his old classmates last Friday. Dylan’s mum Terri wanted to thank everyone who has supported the ‘Determined for Dylan Fund’ She was overwhelmed by the great support in the Rathfeigh School Community.

Art & Craft

The cost per pupil this year for Art & Craft is €25.00 Please send in money in an envelope with child’s name and class. ( If you wish you can put money for Insurance and Art & Craft in the same envelope).

School Records

In order to update our records we would like each family to fill in and return the attached contact details form. Please return it to the school tomorrow.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.