Imlitir 17

Imlitir 17

8th January, 2018.

A Thuisti,

Happy New Year I hope everyone had a great Christmas. As we start 2018 I would like to extend a warm welcome back to the staff, parents/guardians and most importantly all the pupils.

Enrolment for 2018/19

Enrolment Week for children who will be attending our school for the 2018/19 school year is from February 5th to February 9th. Enrolment forms can be collected from the office. If you know parents/guardians who may have children starting school in September please let them know about our Enrolment Week. New parents/guardians are invited to the school at any time to view the school and get a leaflet on what the school has to offer. We will have an ‘Open Week’ in late January or early February to give an opportunity to new parents/guardians to visit the school and talk to the Principal/Teachers about what the school.

Homework Club

We trialed the Homework Club before Christmas. Unfortunately, there was only limited interest. Next week (Tuesday and Thursday) will be the final week of the Homework Club unless there is sufficient interest. Please find attached the Homework Club form. Please return it to me before Friday 12th January.

Christmas Carol Service

A big thanks to all the children and teachers for making our Christmas Carol Service a memorable occasion. A huge thanks, also, to the Parents’ Association for their huge efforts in organising the Christmas Raffle. We got great feedback from parents/guardians who attended the Service and it seems everyone enjoyed it.

Zeeko Education

Before Christmas all children from Second to Sixth classes had workshops on digital safety from Zeeko Academy. The workshops were very enjoyable and positive and the children are more aware of their digital footprint and the possible dangers that may exist in the various forms of digital media. It is highly likely that your home now has at least one more digital device than it had before Christmas. As parents/guardians it is our responsibility to help our children stay safe online. We must play a more active part in their digital lives e.g. we should talk to them about the games they are playing, their achievements in these games and acknowledge these achievements. We should talk to our children as much as possible about how important it is to stay safe when using digital media. We must manage the amount of time our children spend on screens and

constantly educate them about digital safety. is well worth logging into for more information on digital safety.

School Attendance

The monthly school attendance figures since the start of the school year have been very good. Pupils who attend school regularly achieve at higher levels than pupils who do not have regular attendance. The school Statement of Strategy for School Attendance is on the school website. If your child is absent from school an Absence Note from school journal/website must be given to the class teacher. Arriving late at school will be recorded on the Aladdin system by the class teacher. The attendance figures for December 2017 is 95%

Student Council

We thank the outgoing members of the Student Council- Conor, Beth, Josh and Isabella. Their contributions were excellent e.g. cake sale, table tennis and friends zone. We will have a new Student Council later this week made up of pupils from fifth and sixth class.

Welsh Grand National Success

History was made last Saturday when ‘Raz de Maree’ owned by Mr. J. Swan Sr. and trained by Gavin Cromwell won the Welsh Grand National. We would like to thank Gavin and his family for bringing ‘Raz de Maree’ to the school this morning to parade for the students and staff . ‘Raz de Maree’ was the oldest horse to win the race since 1927 with the youngest jockey on board. We congratulate Gavin on this amazing achievement and we wish him and everyone involved with the stable the best of luck for 2018.

School Closures

Friday January 26th  – Teacher In-Service Day

Monday January 29th  – As per school calendar

February 15th + 16th – Mid – Term Break

Important Dates

Confirmation  – Sunday April 15th (1.00p.m.)

Communion – Saturday May 12th (11.00a.m.)

Standardised Tests – May 28th to May 31st (1st to 6th )

Reports Posted – Thursday June 14th

6th Class Graduation Mass – Tuesday 26th June 7.30p.m.

Summer Holidays – Wednesday 27th June.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.