Imlitir 9

Imlitir 9

23rd October, 2017.

A Thuisti,

Rathfeigh Parents’ Association

Our school has always had a vibrant Parents’ Association. It has contributed hugely to our school in recent years. They run a very successful Book Rental Scheme, contributed greatly to the Literacy Lift Off Reading Programme and pay for buses annually for swimming and school tours etc. They fundraise for the school yearly – The Rainbow Run and Family Fun Day are just two examples of successfully run events. The money raised at these events is pumped back into the school from which the children greatly benefit. The Parents’ Association urgently need a few more parents/guardians to join the Association or it may no longer exist which would be detrimental to the school. As a result there is a meeting tonight at 8.30p.m. in the school at which the Chairperson of the Board of Management and current Parents’ Association members will be in attendance. We would like a member of each household to attend also as the Parents’ Association urgently need people to join the Association tonight. If new members don’t join then the Rathfeigh Parents’ Association may cease to exist.


The Boys’ Rounders’ team are playing Cortown in the Meath Finals. The Girls Rounders’ team are playing Oristown in the Meath Finals. These games will take place after Halloween due to the pitches being unplayable at the moment.

Cake Sale (Thursday) /Table Tennis)

We are having a cake/bun sale this Thursday in the school the proceeds of which will go towards the purchase of a table tennis table for the children. We would love if all parents/guardians could bring buns/cakes to the school on Thursday morning. The children can bring a few euros to school to buy cakes/buns. Some cakes/buns can be consumed in school but they can also bring some home in their lunch boxes/bags. We are a “Nut Free” school so we ask parents/guardians not to bring in cakes/buns that aren’t 100% nut free as some children have life threatening allergies to nuts.

7-a-side Gaelic Football Blitz (Boys/Girls)

This competition will take place after Halloween due to the poor state of pitches at the moment.

Halloween Fancy Dress/Pumpkin Competition (Friday)

We would like to invite parents/guardians to the school hall this Friday morning from 9.15a.m. to 10.00a.m. for our annual Fancy Dress. We hope all children get into the spirit of Halloween and dress up on the day. The children should design and decorate their pumpkins at home and bring them into the school hall this Friday morning at the start of school. There will be small prizes for the top three pumpkins in each class and one overall winner. This Friday healthy lunches are optional (‘Nut Free’ please).

Green Schools Committee

The first step on the road to getting a ‘Green Flag’ for our school is to set up a committee comprising of teachers, staff, parents/guardians and children. We have to date the following people on the committee Mr. Tansley, Mrs, Long, John (caretaker) Grace (3rd class), Hannah (4th class), Meadow (5th class), Erika (6th class) and Eimear Moffat (parent). We need just one more parent/guardian to come on the committee. Please let me know by Wednesday if you are interested.

Teacher Training Junior/Seniors

Ms. Andrews will be doing Teaching Practice in Junior/Senior Infants for three weeks. She will be teaching three to four lessons daily.

Visits to ‘ The Solstice’ Theatre Navan

Fifth and Sixth classes are visiting ‘The Solstice’ for a workshop with Dave Rudden on Tuesday November 7th at 12.00p.m. They will be going by bus.

Christmas Carol Service

We are having the Christmas Carol Service in the school hall on Friday December 22nd at 11.00a.m.

Credit Union

There is no Credit Union on Friday 27th.

Mid Term Break

The school closes at 1.40p.m. for all pupils this Friday 27th October for the mid-term break. The school re-opens on Monday 6th November. (There will be no school bus at 1.40p.m.)I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Halloween break.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.