Imlitir 3

12th September, 2022. 

A Thuisti, 

Gaelic Football 

The boys’ and girls’ gaelic football competitions start this week. Our boys’ team are playing tomorrow in Mt. Hanover at 1.30p.m. We are leaving the school at 1.00p.m. On Thursday our girls team are playing Mulhussey at Kilcloon football pitch at 1.30p.m. They will be leaving the school at 12.45p.m. We will need help with lifts. Please arrange a lift for your child if you can’t go yourself. Parents/Guardians who are giving lifts to a child must sign the children out at reception in the “Sign In/Sign Out” Book. 


The children in 1st to 4th class will be going swimming in Navan Swimming Pool for six weeks starting this Wednesday 14th. The lessons start at 10.00a.m. We will be going by bus each Wednesday leaving the school at 9.15a.m. approx. and returning to the school at 11.30a.m. approx. Our Parents’ Association are paying €500 towards the cost of the bus. The cost for the six lessons (including bus) is €50.00. If you don’t want to use the online payment system please send in money in an envelope with the child’s name on it. 

The children will need to bring  togs, a swimming hat, a towel,  goggles and swimming socks are optional. 

Mindfulness Lessons 

Our mindfulness lessons with Una Curran were a great success last year. As the lessons are very beneficial to the children we have invited Una Curran back to the school again this year for six lessons starting on Wednesday (September 21st). These lessons are free to the children as we received funding from the  

Ashbourne Municipal District last year. We thank Suzanne Jamal for this funding and we thank her for her continued support of our Mindfulness initiatives in our school. 

Computer Lessons 

Over the last four years we have invited Colm to the school to do computer lessons with the children which they have really enjoyed and benefited greatly from. Colm is returning on Thursdays for four weeks starting on September 22nd. The cost is €10.00 for four lessons. Last June we had a Jumble Sale and we are going to use the proceeds from this to reduce the cost of the lessons by half. So, the cost of the four lessons per child is now €5.00. Please send in the money in an envelope as soon as possible. (€5.00 per child). 

School Closures 

The school will close at 12 noon on Thursday September 29th to facilitate continuous Professional Development for the teachers on the Primary Language Curriculum. The school is closed on Monday October 3rd as per the school calendar. 


This week’s briathar na seachtaine is ‘Oscail’ ( to open). e.g. Oscail do mhála scoile, oscail do chás peann luaidhe (open your pencil case),  oscail an doras etc.  

This week’s frása na seachtaine is ‘An bhfuil ocras ort? (Are you hungry). Tá/Níl ocras orm. 

Tin Whistle 

All children from 1st to 6th will be learning to play the tin whistle in a few weeks. If your child is in 5th or 6th and has the ‘Tin Whistle Made Simple Vol 1’ book and a tin whistle, please send them into school by Wednesday 14th

Secondary Schools 

This is an important year for sixth class pupils as they will be deciding which secondary school they will be going to next year. Parents/guardians should contact the secondary schools in the area that their children might be attending next year so as to get information about open nights and application deadline dates. I strongly advise all parents/guardians to contact the secondary schools immediately as many secondary schools do not contact us with this information. Many open nights take place as early as October. If we receive information from secondary school about open nights we will pass it on to parents/guardians. 

Parents Association A.G.M. 

The Parents’ Association A.G.M. takes place on Wednesday September 21st at 7.30p.m. in the school. As principal, I have been invited to attend the meeting. We look forward to seeing a representative from each family at the meeting. 

Is mise, 

Seamus Tansley. 

Priomh Oide.