Imlitir 2 

5th September, 2022.

A Thuisti, 

Facebook Grant 

We have purchased 25 chromebooks and 5 laptops to date from the grant we received from Meta (Facebook) last year. We are close to purchasing 4 interactive whiteboards for the classrooms. We’ve had a virtual demo on one brand of interactive whiteboards and this week we are having another demo from another brand. So hopefully in the next few weeks we will be up and running with the whiteboards in the classrooms.  

In a few weeks we hope to be able to offer free computer classes to parents/guardians of children in the school on Thursday mornings at 9am. So if some parents/guardians who are not working outside the home or are working from home this may be an opportunity to improve your digital literacy skills. So please let Helen in the office know if you are interested. We may also be linking up with the Tuesday Club in the RST Centre and some of these members may also be availing of the computer classes in the school on Thursdays too.  

Tin Whistle 

We are starting back up with Tin Whistle again after Covid-19 put a temporary halt to proceedings. All the children in 1st – 6th class will be learning the Tin Whistle. It will be a new experience for the children in 1st-4th class as they haven’t been taught it before in the school. The children in 5th/6th class experienced it in school a few years ago. We will be using the TheTin Whistle Made SimpleBook Vol 1 and a D Tin Whistle. If your child has this book  and/or  a D Tin Whistle at home please bring it in to school by Friday 9th September as it will save them having to buy the book again. One book per family will suffice. 


The school, like every other school in Ireland, does not carry Personal Accident Insurance. So if your child were to trip in the yard and fall he/she would not be covered for any ensuing injuries. The school does, however, carry Public Liability Insurance. Under this insurance a child’s injuries could be covered if, through legal process, it could be proven that the accident happened through culpable negligence on the part of the school. As it is unlikely that injuries will be compensated through the above, Allianz each year offers to parents/guardians a Personal Accident Policy cost €8.00 which provides medical insurance to cover all accidents 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Information on the cover provided by Allianz will be e-mailed to you today. It is not necessary to return the form to the school your child/children will be covered once payment has been made to us. We ask all families to take out this cover. 

Art & Craft/Homework Journal/ Copy Prices 

 Insurance Art & Craft Copies/Pencils/Folders Total Due 
Junior Infants €8.00 €25.00 €8.00 €41.00 
Senior Infants €8.00 €25.00 €3.00 €36.00 
First Class €8.00 €25.00 €8.00 €41.00 
Second Class €8.00 €25.00 €8.00 €41.00 
Third Class €8.00 €25.00 €8.00 €41.00 
Fourth Class €8.00 €25.00 €8.00 €41.00 
Fifth Class €8.00 €25.00 €10.00 €43.00 
Sixth Class €8.00 €25.00 €10.00 €43.00 

You can use the online payment system. You will receive an e-mail today with a link to make the payment. If you do not receive this e-mail please contact Helen in the office. If you wish to pay by cash please put the total amount in an envelope with your child’s name and class on it. It’s very important that you acknowledge receiving all e-mails sent to you. If you don’t we’re not sure that you received the e-mail or whether the wrong e-mail was given to us in error. 


To help the children use Irish more at home we will have a verb of the week (Briathar na seachtaine) and a phrase of the week (Frása na seachtaine). Depending on what class your child is in will depend on how much you use these at home. So please get your child to use the phrases/verbs as well as answering the questions. 

Dún (to close)  

e.g. dún an doras más e do thoil é (close the door please), dún an cuisneoir (close the fridge), dún do mhála scoile (close your school bag), dún do bhosca lón (close your lunch box), dún na cuirtíní (close the curtains) 

An bhfuil cead agam an doras a dhúnadh (can I close the door?) etc 

Cá (where) 

Cá bhfuil an cáis?  (where is the cheese?) 

Tá sé sa chuisneoir (It’s in the fridge) 

Cá bhfuil mo mhála scoile (where is my school bag?) 

Tá sé sa seomra suite (It’s in the sitting room) 

Cá bhfuil an ríomhaire (where is the computer?) 

Tá sé sa chistin (It’s in the kitchen) 

Cá bhfuil mo “Spellbound” (Where is my Spellbound). 


The children in 1st to 4th class will be going swimming in Navan for six weeks. The lessons will begin on September 14th. We will let you know the cost this week. 

After School Activities 

Speech & Drama with Kate is on Wednesday this term. We will e-mail a flyer from Kate today. 

We have Basketball  on Thursdays after school. We will e-mail more information tomorrow. 

Circus Photograpy 

Due to unforeseen circumstances Suzanne cannot take the Junior Infants/Family photographs on Wednesday7th. The photographs will now be taken on Monday 12th . Please remember to contact Suzanne if you wish to have photographs taken. 

Is mise, 

Seamus Tansley. 

Priomh Oide.