Imlitir 23

27th February, 2023.

A Thuisti,


Confirmation for 6th class pupils takes place tomorrow in Skryne Church at 12.00 noon. They have been preparing well for their big day and we hope it will be a special day for the children and their families and relatives. We thank Ms. O’Donoghue for preparing the children so well for their big day. The children who are singing in the choir will come to school as usual tomorrow. They will be leaving the school at 11.35a.m. and will be returning to school after the ceremony. Parents/Guardians should collect their child from Skryne Hall carpark after the Confirmation. They must wear their school uniform. We will need help with lifts. If you cannot bring your own child to the church tomorrow morning please arrange a lift with another parent/guardian. We thank all the children in the various classes for giving of their time to sing in the choir.

Confirmation Photograph

On Wednesday we will be taking the class photograph in the school at 9.15a.m. approximately.

The children should come to school wearing their Confirmation outfits. ALL children in 6th class will be in the photograph. If your child isn’t getting Confirmation they should ‘dress up’ coming to school on Wednesday.


Computers with Colm continues on Wednesday in school for all classes. If you haven’t sent in the €5.00 please do so as soon as possible.


March 1st is the closing date for receipt of applications for children starting school in September 2023. If your child is starting school in Rathfeigh in September please send in an enrolment form by Wednesday March 1st. We will be writing to parents/guardians this week confirming a place for your child in September.


This week is the final week of Badminton with Teresa. If you haven’t sent in the €5.00 please do so this week.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.