Imlitir 6

Imlitir 6 30th September, 2019.

A Thuisti,

Credit Union Art Competition

Mrs Campbell is organising the Credit Union Art competition again this year for children in First to Sixth classes. The theme this year is ‘Walk of Life’. The children started working on these at home and at school last week. All entries must be submitted in landscape orientation and must be accompanied by the official entry form signed by parents/guardians. We will be collecting the entries at the end of this week.

Book Festival

The Meath County Council Children’s Book Festival ‘A Right Royal Read’ is taking place again this year. These events are free and we’re fortunate that all classes will be visiting venues to listen to authors or take part in book quizzes. We will be travelling by bus to the venues. The cost of the bus per pupil is €5.00. Please send in money in an envelope as soon as possible. The following are the dates and venues:

October 9th Third/Fourth Navan Library ‘Kids Big Book Quiz’

October 10th Junior/Senior Ashbourne Library Tatyana Feeney (Author)

October 15th Fifth/Sixth Solstice Navan Magical History Tour

October 16th First/Second Navan Library Erika McGann (Author)


Our boys’ football team are playing in Bellewstown tomorrow at 1.30p.m. We will be leaving the school at 12.50p.m. Please organise a lift for your child if you can’t be in attendance yourself.

Yoga /Computers

Yoga lessons during school will continue for the next three Wednesdays and Computer lessons will continue for the next three Thursdays.

If you haven’t sent in €10 (€5 yoga/€5 computers) for these lessons please do so as soon as possible.

Think Twice before you post online

A number of years ago Zeeko education visited the school and spoke to the children about being safe online. They spoke about ‘The T-Shirt Rule’ to explain the implications of posting something online. We need to speak to our children about the importance of reflection before posting something online. The children need to ask themselves ‘ Would I walk around for the rest of the day with what I am posting online printed on the front of a T-Shirt?’ This is

something that we can remind our children about as it is very easy to post something online in the heat of the moment and regret it later!

Accord – RSE

For the last number of years we have got facilitators from ACCORD to deliver part of the Relationships and Sexuality Education programme. We have just been informed that due to recent retirements they will not be in a position to facilitate this for our school this year.

Agreed Report

Please find attached the’Agreed Report’ from the Board of Management meeting held on September 24th 2019.

Anti_Bullying Policy/Child Safeguarding Statement Review

At the Board of Management meeting on September 24th 2019 an annual review of the Anti-Bullying and Child Safeguarding Statement policies were undertaken. Please find attached notifications of these reviews.

Frása na Seachtaine

Cá = where Cá bhfuil no gheansaí? (where is my jumper)

Cá bhfuil an ríomhaire? (where is the computer)

Cá bhfuil tú ag dul? ( where are you going)

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.