Imlitir 35  

13th June, 2022.

A Thuisti, 

End-of-Year School Reports 

The End-of-Year School Reports will be posted home later this week. If you don’t receive your report by Monday June 17th please contact the school. A short video has been produced by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment to assist parents/guardians in reading children’s school reports. ( If you would like to discuss your child’s report please make an appointment with the class teacher. 

Sports Day 

We are having our Sports Day this Wednesday June 15th. The children have been assigned a colour to wear for our events. The school will close at 1.40p.m. for all pupils on Wednesday. There is no school bus at 1.40p.m. 

School Tour 

The feedback from the children regarding Friday’s school tour to Tayto Park was great. They thoroughly enjoyed their day out and they all went home with smiles on their faces. A big thanks to Caren, Amy and Aleksandra who came on the tour with us to help with the supervision of the children. 

Parents’ Association Relay Marathon 

This Friday June 17th our Parents’ Association have organised the Relay Marathon Fundraiser for the children at the school. All children were given sponsorship cards last week. Please return them in an envelope to the school by Wednesday 15th

Classes/Teachers 2022/23 

Junior/Senior Infants Mrs Vaughan 

First/Second Ms. Reynolds 

Third/Fourth Mr. Tansley 

Fifth/Sixth Ms. O’Donoghue 

Learning Support Mrs Campbell 

Special Needs Assistant Nicola O’Boyle 

Football Jerseys/Shorts 

If you have school football jerseys/shorts/socks at home. Please bring them into school tomorrow. 


All pupils had Orienteering last Thursday. If you haven’t sent in €3.00 please send it into school in an envelope tomorrow. 

Is mise, 

Seamus Tansley. 

Priomh Oide.