Imlitir 3

Imlitir 3                                                                                               19th September, 2012.

A Thuisti,

The Literacy ‘Lift Off ‘ reading programme starts for first class on Monday October 1st. A huge amount of preparatory work is being done before we start this programme and I would like to thank Mrs Mc Auley for co-ordinating all this work. I would also like to thank Mrs Long, Ms. Higgins and Ms Gerrard for all their help in sorting books, creating folders for the children and in pre testing the children. I would also like to thank Heather Mc Auley, Louise Morgan, Catherine Ryan, Susan Keogh and Fionnuala Lenehan for all their help with the covering of the books.

I would like to invite the parents of first class children to the school on Wednesday 26th September at 2.00p.m. so that we can give an overview of the programme and answer any questions you might have. We are very excited about this new approach to the teaching of reading and writing and hope that it results in the children being constructive learners. Once again , I would like to thank the Parents’ Association for their large contribution towards the purchase of the books.

This is our third week with ‘Frása na Seachtaine’ and ‘ Briathar na Seachtaine ’  and the children are noticeably speaking more ‘gaeilge’ in class and around the school. Please continue to encourage your children on a daily basis to use these phrases. The frasá na seachatine this week is Conas atá tú?/Tá mé go maith. The briathar na seachtaine is ól (drink)  for example ól suas (drink up), ól go mall (drink slowly).

The cost per pupil for Art & Craft is €20 and insurance is €7 . If you haven’t already paid please do so as soon as possible (in an envelope with child’s name and class on it).

Every Wednesday for 28 weeks (starting on September 26th) the Irish Independent will have an educational supplement focusing mainly on gaeilge, maths and English. These supplements should be very beneficial to children in First to Sixth classes. The cost per pupil in these classes is €7.00 (25c per week). Please send in money for this as soon as possible (in an envelope).

I would like to congratulate Ms. O’Donoghue on her recent appointment to the staff of Rathfeigh N.S. I wish her success in teaching first and second classes this year.

Sixth class will have their Confirmation on Sunday April 21st in Skryne at 1.00p.m.

There is a Board of Management meeting this Thursday September 20th.

Please note the school calendar for 2012/13 is on the inside of your child’s homework journal.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.