Imlitir 24

Imlitir 24

23rd May, 2013.

A Thuisti,

Our Second class pupils received their First Holy Communion last Saturday in Rathfeigh Church. The children were excellent and they said their prayers and sang their songs with great confidence. They were excellently prepared by Ms. O’ Donoghue for their big day. I would like to thank Fr. Thomas for the lovely ceremony, Agnes Fox for preparing the choir, Mrs Mc Auley for assisting with the choir, Mrs Long for decorating the Church, Kate Barrett for the photography, Helen for producing the Communion booklets and the Parents’ Association for the food and refreshments in the hall afterwards. This collaborative effort made the day very special.

Confirmation takes place for our sixth class pupils in Skryne Church next Sunday at 1.00p.m. We would like to thank Mrs Vaughan for preparing the children so well over the last few weeks and months. Rathfeigh and Skryne Parents’ Associations are providing refreshments in Skryne Hall after the ceremony. We hope the children have an enjoyable and spiritual day on Sunday.

Standardised tests in English and Maths will take place next week (Tuesday – Thursday) for all pupils in first to sixth class. The Mist/Quest screening tests will be administered to Senior Infant pupils next week.

The final tennis coaching session takes place next Wednesday (May 28th). The children have improved greatly since they started on the 10th April and the tennis lessons have been enjoyed by all.

School tours for all classes are on Friday 7th June. We would like to thank the Parents’ Association for their contribution of €500.00 towards the cost of the tour buses. This has reduced the cost of the bus to just €5.00 for every pupil. A €10.00 deposit was already collected towards tours from 1st to 6th classes. Prices are as follows including bus. Can you please send in the amount due in an envelope next week.

Junior/Senior Infants               – Causey €12.00 + €5.00                                             Total  €17.00

First /Second                           – Crystal Maze €18.00   + €5.00                                 Total  €22.00

Third/Fourth                            – Loughcrew Adventure Centre €22.50+€5.00          Total  €27.50

Fifth/Sixth                               – Carlingford Adventure Centre €45.00 + €5.00        Total  €50.00

We are welcoming the new Junior Infants for 2013/14 school year to the school on Thursday afternoon  ( June 6th ).  To facilitate this the pupils in Junior Infants will be going home at 12 noon.

Please note there is a practice for Confirmation for sixth class and the choir tomorrow Friday in Skryne Church from 9.30a.m. to 11.00a.m. Please go directly to the church for 9.30a.m.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.