Imlitir 24

Imlitir 24

26th February, 2018.

A Thuisti,

Car Parking

I respectfully ask parents/guardians not to park, drop off or collect children outside the staff car park. I have received many complaints from parents/guardians about this. Changing poor driving habits after a child is seriously injured is too late.

Child Protection

The school will close at 12 noon this Friday (March 2nd) for all pupils to facilitate a meeting with parents/guardians, staff and Board of Management members. There is a school bus at 12.00. At this meeting a Child ‘Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment will be drafted. We would like to invite parents/guardians to the school from 12.15p.m. to 2.40p.m. for this meeting.

World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated in Ireland on Thursday March 1st. The children were given a Book Token each today. The children can get certain books free with this token. (Please check website for list of free books) or €1.50 off any book worth €3.99 or more. The children will have no written homework on Thursday.


Sixth class pupils are playing a challenge match against St. Paul’s in Skryne hall tomorrow (Tuesday 27th) at 1.00p.m. They will be leaving the school at 12.50p.m. They will be back at the school at 2.40p.m. (approx). We will need help with lifts. If you are unable to bring your child to the game please make arrangements with another parent/guardian. I would like to thank Teresa Mangan for training the 6th class pupils for the last four weeks.

Literacy Lift Off

There is a Literacy Lift Off information meeting for parents/guardians of Senior Infant pupils tomorrow (Tuesday 27th) at 1.50p.m.

Green Schools Exhibition

Last Thursday our Fifth class pupils and members of our Green Schools Committee visited the RDS for the Green Schools Exhibition. They all enjoyed the day and found it very educational. We look forward to them implementing

some of the ideas garnered from the exhibition. Thanks to Eimear Moffat for generously paying for the bus.


First, Second and Sixth class pupils had their first swimming lesson of the year last week. The lessons will continue for the next four Thursdays. Our Swimming Policy is on the school website. If any child is unable to participate in aquatics a letter must be written to the Board of Management requesting an exemption.

Gaelic Football Coaching

Today was Eddie’s last day coaching all the pupils the skills of gaelic football. The children have always enjoyed Eddie’s training sessions and we thank him for his enthusiasm and dedication. We look forward to seeing Eddie again next year.


There is no basketball with Kelvin this Friday (March 2nd).

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.