Imlitir 24

Imlitir 24

15th February, 2016.

A Thuisti,

There is a Digital Safety Seminar in Skryne School tomorrow night (February 16th) at 7.00p.m. The seminar will cover cyber bullying, internet addiction, social media and gaming and how to manage these digital threats. I strongly recommend that least one parent/guardian from every household attends this informative seminar.

Please find attached our School Self-Evaluation Report on oral Irish which was ratified by the Board of Management last Monday. We would like to thank all the parents and children who completed questionnaires which greatly helped us in preparing the report. We would like the children to speak more Irish at home. We will have a Frása na Seachtaine (phrase of the week) and Briathar na Seachtaine (verb of the week) weekly. This week’s Frása na Seachtaine is “Dia duit”/”Dia is Muire duit” (Hello) and the Briathar na Seachtaine is “Dún”. The children in the Junior classes should be encouraged to say dún an doras (close the door), dún an fhuinneog (close the window), dún an cusineoir (close the fridge) etc while children in senior classes could also be encouraged to say more difficult sentences e.g. an bhfuil cead agam an doras/an fhuinneog a dhúnadh etc ( can I close the door/window). From the Parental questionnaires it has emerged that a significant number of parents are unable to help their children with oral Irish. If you need help in this regard please contact the class teacher.

The school is closed this Thursday and Friday (18th/19th) for the mid-term break and on Friday February 26th for the General Election. The next Credit Union in the school will take place on March 4th.

The final of the Under 11 Credit Union Quiz will take place in the Ardboyne Hotel on Friday February 26th. We wish our team the best of luck in the final.

I am sending home today booking forms from Circus Photography for Confirmation and First Communion. If you wish to have photographs taken please call Circus Photography to book a time.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.