Imlitir 2​

Imlitir 2​

3rd September, 2013.

A Thuisti,

All the children have settled in really well after the summer holidays. I am particularly pleased to see the new Junior Infants adapting really well to their new surroundings. From Monday September 9th the Junior Infants will go home at 1.40p.m.

School starts at 9.00a.m. each morning. The Board of Management respectfully requests that children should not enter the school grounds before 8.50a.m. due to health and safety reasons. Under no circumstances should parents leave the school before the door to the hall is opened.

The cost per pupil this year for Art & Craft is €20.00. Please send in money as soon as possible (in an envelope with child’s name and class on it).

School Insurance The school, like every other school in Ireland, does not carry Personal Accident Insurance. So if your child were to trip in the yard and fall he would not be covered for any ensuing injuries. The school does however carry Public Liability Insurance. Under this insurance a child’s injuries could be covered if, through legal process, it could be proven that the accident happened through culpable negligence on the part of the school. As it is unlikely that injuries will be compensated through the above, Allianz each year offers to parents a Personal Accident Policy cost €8.00 which provides medical insurance to cover all accidents 24 hours a day. We ask all families to take out this cover. Payment can be made to the school when you are paying for arts and crafts. Please put money in an envelope and mark child’s name, class and amount on outside one envelope per family is sufficient. (An application form is attached with further information which doesn’t need to be returned with payment).

In order to update our records please return contact numbers slip as soon as possible.

Confirmation for sixth class pupils takes place on Sunday 23rd March at 1.00p.m. in Skryne Church.

Gaelic Football coaching for all classes starts tomorrow 4th September during school for the next five weeks. All children should wear their tracksuits every Wednesday. This will form part of the P.E. curriculum.

Ms. Doonan will be teaching in Rathfeigh two days a week as a shared Resource Teacher with Slane N.S. for the next six weeks. Ms. Campion is teaching third and fourth classes this week in Mrs Vaughan’s absence.

For safety reasons parents must not double park when collecting their children at home time.

Is mise,
Seamus Tansley.