Imlitir 18

17th January, 2022. 

A Thuisti, 

Níl tuile dá mhéid nach dtránn 

The Irish seanfhocal “ Níl dá mhéid nach dtránn” which means even the heaviest flood recedes seems very relevant as we continue to navigate through Covid. There appears to be cautious optimism that the peak of the Omicron variant has passed and we may be getting slowly back to normality. In the meantime, though, please remain vigilant and don’t send your child to school if he/she has symptoms of Covid. With the days getting longer there definitely seems to be ‘light’ at the end of the dark tunnel and we can all look forward to a better 2022!! 

Admissions for 2022/23 School Year 

We are currently taking enrolments for children starting school in September 2022. Our Admissions Policy and Admissions Statement can be found on the school website. A hard copy is available on request from the office. March 1st 2022 is the date at which we cease accepting applications for admission in September 2022. If you have a child starting in Rathfeigh in September please send in the Enrolment form as soon as possible. The Enrolment form can be downloaded from the school website. If you know families that have children starting school in September please let them know. People can e-mail or ring the school for an appointment and I would be delighted to show any prospective parent/guardian around the school and answer any questions they may have regarding the school. 

Science –in-a-Box 

We introduced Science-in-a-Box to the school (5th & 6th class) a few years ago and it continues to go from strength to strength. The 5th/6th class pupils have enjoyed a number of Zoom sessions weekly. Timmy, Sarah and Archie have written short accounts of the science lessons and we thank them for giving their accounts of these lessons. 

Sarah (6th class) 

“A few months ago we started Science-in-a-Box. We do Zoom calls every Tuesday with a scientist named Caoimhe. She teaches us cool and amazing things about science. This week we got to see what our temperatures were and last week we traced our hands and cut them out. Then we taped straws on top and put string through the straws. The outcome was you were able to move it like a real hand. I really enjoy Science-in-a-Box and I hope we continue with the lessons.” 

Timmy (6th class) 

“On Tuesday every week we do Science-in-a-Box. Last Tuesday we learned about human physiology and vital signs. We learned about the four main things to look for to see if something is alive or not. We did an activity where we got a sheet that had breathing rate, heartbeat, temperature and reflexes on it and with “superhuman” powers such as a guy who can resist nearly any temperature, a guy with super strong arms and a guy with reflexes fast enough to cut a pellet shot from a gun. Overall it was great” 

Archie (5thclass) 

“Science-in-a-Box has been a great experience so far. I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it. We have done a lot of fun stuff through the weeks. We made models of both lungs, and a heart out of play dough. We did a skeleton puzzle.  We made a model of a hand made from straws and string. We learned how to take a persons temperature, check a heart rate and do breathing and reaction tests. The scientist is very nice and Science-in-a-Box has been the best experience this year” 

Parental Complaints Policy 

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your childs’ academic and social development please make an appointment with the class teacher. Our Parental Complaints Policy can be viewed on the school website. A hard copy is available on request from the office. 

Board of Management Meeting 

There is a Board of Management meeting this evening via Zoom. 

Cumann na mBunscol 

I got an e-mail last week from Cumann naMbunscol. They have informed us that the situation remains the same in relation to the playing of Gaelic games etc. Schools can’t organise games with other schools at this time. They will seek guidance from the Department of Education & Skills to ascertain the conditions that will be necessary for playing activities to resume. Hopefully, when the Omicron variant subsides we may be in a position to resume Gaelic football games with other schools. 

Schools Closures 

The school will be closed on Monday January 31st as per the school calendar. The school will be closed for the mid-term break on the 24th and 25th February. 

Is mise, 

Seamus Tansley. 

Priomh Oide.