Imlitir 11

Imlitir 11

18th November, 2013.

A Thuisti,

Our Book Fair was a great success last week. It was great to see the children so enthusiastic about reading. We had an assembly last Thursday and a number of children from each class spoke confidently and descriptively about their books. One child from each class got a book voucher in the best poster and bookmark competition. The school benefits greatly from the Book Fair with ‘Scholastic’ providing us with a large amount of free books for our school library. We would like to thank Mrs Mc Auley for co-ordinating the Book Fair. A big thanks, also, to the parents who helped each day as cashiers in the hall.

Parent Teacher Meetings will be held on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th November. School will finish at 1.40p.m. for all children on these days. On these days meetings will start at 1.55p.m. and end at 4.00p.m. approximately. Please indicate a suitable day and time and we will try to accommodate you if possible. Please note there is no school bus on both of these days.

Please find attached our School Improvement Plan as part of our school self evaluation of teaching and learning in reading.

As a result of the contribution from the Parents’ Association and from the proceeds of the cake sale at Halloween we have purchased science equipment which children will be using over the coming weeks. Using the equipment has ignited in the children a curiosity for science. One of Ireland’s best science and discovery centres is The W5 in Belfast. It has over 250 interactive exhibits that cover curriculum areas such as Science, Art, Geography, Maths, ICT and English. Fifth and Sixth classes will be going to The W5 on Monday December 2nd. The children will be able to view the various exhibits as well as taking part in a 90 minute workshop. We will be leaving the school at 8.15a.m. and will be back at 4.30p.m. approximately. The cost (including bus) is €20.00 per pupil. If there are two children from the same family going the cost is €15.00 per pupil. Please send in money in an envelope as soon as possible.

All classes will have tag rugby coaching on Tuesdays until Christmas. This will form part of the P.E. curriculum. The children should wear their tracksuits on these days.

Literacy Lift Off starts tomorrow for First Class.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley,









Scoil Mhuire Naofa, Rathfeigh – School Improvement Plan



Summary of main strengths as identified in School Self Evaluation of teaching and learning in reading April 2013.



● Teaching Initiatives to improve reading – Literacy Lift Off, Reading Recovery.

● Reading Initiatives to encourage reading – DEAR, visits to library, Book Fair,

Reading Week, World Book Day, Newspapers and Assemblies.

● Structured phonics programme up to Senior Infants.

● Variety of assessment tools used.

●Micra- T standardised tests administered in May – the results of which are used

for teacher planning.

● Good resources available.

●Stories in class readers/workbooks enjoyed by pupils.



Summary of main areas prioritised for improvement. 



● Yearly review of English Curriculum Plan.

● Children will visit the school library at least once a week.

● A whole school approach to the assessment of reading.

● Introduce DEAR to promote reading throughout the school.

● Structured phonics programme for middle and senior classes.

● Novels may be introduced to the middle classes.



Improvement Targets Required Actions Persons Responsible Timeframe for action Success CriteriaMeasurable Outcomes Review Date
Develop pupils reading fluency. 






Increase pupils

interest in reading.






Providing the pupils with a greater variety of reading opportunities.

















Develop a range of reading comprehension strategies

1. Literacy Lift Off Initiative for Senior Infants, First and Second Classes 

2. Reading Recovery



3. Increased variety of reading material in the library for middle and senior classes.


4. Drop Everything And Read



5.Literacy Lift Off “ Mop Up”




6. Regular visits to the school library






Teachers will teach and model comprehension strategies as part of literacy




Literacy Lift Off reading team. 




Learning Support Teacher


Class Teacher

Learning Support Teacher




Class Teachers




Literacy Lift Off Reading Team




Class Teachers







Class Teachers


Learning Support Teacher.

2nd class -Sept/Oct1st Class -Nov/Dec

Seniors -March/April


12-20 weeks per pupil



November yearly







Every Friday





Jan/Feb (each year)














Improved reading fluency and phonic awareness 



Improved reading and writing skills


Increased number of books in the school library.





Increase the children’s interest in reading.








Pupils’ ‘Log Book’ of books read






Improvement in pupils comprehension skills

At end of each six week period. 





After set time period

(12-20 weeks)



December yearly.












February yearly.