Imlitir 9

Imlitir 9

26th November, 2012.

A Thuisti,

Parent Teacher meetings take place this Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th. Each child will have the time for their meeting written in their journal so please check your child’s journal tonight. Each parent will have eight minutes to discuss their child’s progress in school. We will endeavour to stick to the times given for the meetings so as to minimise the time parents are waiting in the corridor. If you are unable to attend the Parent/Teacher meetings this week please make an appointment with the class teacher for an alternative day and time.

Our Child Protection Policy was further updated and ratified by the Board of Management on Thursday 22nd November. This policy as well as Circular 0065/2011 ‘Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary schools’ are available on request from the office.

As a result of the recently published resource hour allocations by the Department of Education, Ms. Gerrard has now taken up a full time position in Slane N.S. We have applied to the Department for a part-time Resource Teacher and hopefully that will be sanctioned in the next week or two.

Reminder: If you haven’t already sent in €15.00 for tin whistle please send it in as soon as possible.


Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.