Imlitir 7

Imlitir 7

10th October, 2016.

A Thuisti,

Accord facilitators will be delivering the RSE programme to Sixth class pupils on Tuesday October 18th. This programme compliments the Social, Personal and Health Education Curriculum. Please return the consent form as soon as possible. Our RSE Policy can be viewed on the schools website. A hard copy can be obtained from the office.

We will be celebrating Jersey Day this Friday (14th October). We hope to see an eclectic mix of jerseys on the day. We ask the children to donate a few euros which will be spent on P.E. equipment.

Our boys’ rounders’ team had a great victory over Gibbstown in the quarter-final last Friday. We are playing Cortown in the semi-final this Thursday in Skryne at 12.00noon. We will be leaving the school at 11.50am.

Swimming takes place for Third, Fourth and Sixth classes after Halloween. First, Second and Fifth classes go swimming after Christmas. Parents who intend helping out at the swimming pool must be garda vetted by the National Vetting Bureau. This is a statutory obligation under the The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 to 2016. The process of getting garda vetting can take 4 to 6 weeks. Garda vetting forms are available from the office.

We are starting Briathar na Seachtaine this week (verb of the week). We are asking parents/guardians to encourage their children to use the phrases at home. This week’s verb is:

‘Oscail’ (to open)

e.g. oscail do mhála scoile (open your school bag)

oscail an doras (open the door)

oscail an fhuinneog (open the window)

An bhfuil cead agam an doras a oscailt. (can I open the door?).

A parent has reported head lice in their child’s hair. Please check your child’s hair this evening and treat if necessary.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.