Imlitir 40

Imlitir 40

25th June, 2018

A Thuisti,

‘Determined for Dylan’ – Jumble Sale

We’ve had a hectic few weeks in the school- Football final and Semi-Final, Health Week, Tours, Sports Day, Rainbow Run, Talent Show, and Retirement Mass. It’s very, very sad that Dylan wasn’t here in our school to partake and enjoy all these fun activities. When our children are fit and healthy we take all this for granted somewhat. Dylan is getting on with his life as best he can at the moment but there is a very long road ahead of him. We decided last week that we would donate all the money from the Jumble Sale to the ‘Determined for Dylan ‘ fund. We got an amazing €1000 in an hour and a half. We thank everyone who contributed to this immediate and urgent cause. The amount generated was great but the target of €100,000 still seems a long way off. We, as a school, would love to do some big event in September to generate money for the ‘fund’. If you have any ideas or good ‘contacts’ please let me know before Wednesday. People can also donate individually on-line.

Retirements’ Mass

A big thanks to everyone who made Friday’s Retirements’ Mass so special – teachers, staff choir and parents/guardians. Our Parents’ Association are second to none. Their work decorating and laying out the hall was nothing short of amazing. We are lucky to have such a vibrant, caring and hard-working Association. We sincerely thank everyone who did such an amazing job. Phil and Katherine were blown away by everyone’s efforts. Every Principal says the children in their school are fantastic. We are all so proud of all the children in Rathfeigh. They were so respectful and so well behaved in the Church and they contributed hugely to making the day special for Katherine and Phil. On behalf of myself and the staff I would like to thank Katherine and Phil for their great service to Rathfeigh School and I wish them both happiness and good health in retirement.

Sixth Class Graduation Mass

The current sixth class are in their final few days in Rathfeigh. They have been a special and amazing class. They have contributed greatly to our school and we will miss them terribly. They are a very tight-knit class and have made a very positive impact while in the school. Their Graduation Mass is tomorrow night in the school at 7.30p.m. Everyone is welcome.

Summer Holidays

It has been a very good year in the school. A huge amount was achieved inside and outside of the school. Everyone deserves and needs a long restful summer – the children, parents/guardians and teachers/staff. The school closes at 12 noon on Wednesday 27th. Please note there is no school bus on Wednesday at 12.00. Have a great summer everyone and we hope to see you all fit and healthy at 9.00a.m. on Thursday August 30th.

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.