Imlitir 32

Imlitir 32

25th April, 2016.

A Thuisti,

There has been a very positive response to Irish classes for parents/guardians. All those interested should attend the RST Centre in Skryne tonight from 7.30p.m. to 8.30p.m.

The rounders season for boys and girls starts in a few weeks. There is rounders training tomorrow after school for the boys from 2.40 – 3.40p.m. Boys in fourth, fifth and sixth class are welcome to attend training. As with all school sports teams not all pupils who attend training can get on the panel. The panel will have twelve pupils only. The first rounders game is on May 9th.

Photographs for Proclamation Day are now on the school website. A big thanks to Peter Lynch for taking the photographs which have a lovely mixture of black and white and coloured photos. A big thanks, also to Kieran Hennessy for putting the photos on the school website.

There is a Board of Management meeting tonight in the school.

We are looking for two parents/guardians ( 1 for each session) to help out at the Gymnastics class on Wednesdays. If you are available to help please let Helen know in the office tomorrow.

The school is closed this Friday (April 29th), Monday (May 2nd) and Tuesday (May 3rd). The school reopens on Wednesday May 4th.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.