Imlitir 22

Imlitir 22                                                             

18th February, 2019.

A Thuisti,


Sixth class will receive their Confirmation on Sunday March 3rd at 1.00p.m. in Skryne Church.  The following are the dates and times of practices:

Monday      February 25th        9.30a.m. – 11.00a.m.       (Sixth class pupils only)

Tuesday      February 26th         9.30a.m. –  11.00a.m.      (Choir only)

Thursday     February 28th         9.30a.m. –  11.00a.m.      (Sixth class and choir)

As a number of pupils were absent over the last two weeks we have been unable to take the class photograph for the booklet. We will be taking the class photo at 9.00a.m. on Monday 25th. This is the final date that the photo will be accepted by the printers. The photo will be taken on this day regardless of absentees. Please ensure your child is in attendance for this photo.  We need a large number of pupils in 3rd, 4th and 5th to sing in the choir. Please let me know tomorrow if your child can sing in the choir.


Swimming starts for pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th classes on Monday 25th February in Navan Swimming Pool.  We will be leaving the school at 12 noon. The cost for six lessons per pupil is €40 including bus. Please send in the money in an envelope as soon as possible.

Book Orders

We received €1200 commission from the Book Fair in November. We have ordered the following class sets:

1st & 2nd Class –   Bill’s New Frock , The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.

3rd & 4th Class –   Stig of the Dump, War Horse.

5th & 6th Class –   Skellig, Fireweed, Holes.

Confirmation  Ceremony on DVD/USB

Shay Casserly is booked to record the Confirmation ceremony.  If there isn’t enough interest  (minimum 25 orders between the two schools) we will have to cancel him. If you wish to order a copy on DVD or USB please send in €20.00 in an envelope tomorrow. Please state if you would like the recording on DVD or USB.

Lost Property Final Reminder

We have a lot of items in our Lost Property box e.g. coats, hats, gloves, water bottles etc.

If your child is missing any of the above please come into the school and check if it’s here.

We will be disposing of all items at the end of this week.

Jackie’s 100 Mile Challenge!

Our Caretaker, Jackie Ross,  is currently undertaking the 100 Miles Mater Hospital Challenge. She is hoping to run 100 miles during February with all money raised going to purchase specialised chairs for chemotherapy patients. It is a big commitment that Jackie is undertaking and we are all very proud of her huge efforts. If you would like to donate a few euro for this worthy cause please drop into Rathfeigh school (Donation Jar at reception) . Well done, Jackie.

Mid-Term Break

The school is closed on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd February.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.