Imlitir 2

7th September, 2021.

A Thuisti,

All Ireland Champions

Meath are All-Ireland Ladies Gaelic Football Senior Football Champions for the first time. It was a superb victory against an excellent Dublin side. To celebrate the great win the children have no homework tonight. Thanks to Ingrid for putting up the bunting outside the school.

All Ireland Final

The novel All – Ireland pairing of Mayo and Tyrone goes ahead in this Sunday’s All Ireland. Both counties have a rich tradition in the history of the GAA despite both counties having won only three All Ireland Senior Football titles (men’s). It promises to be a great occasion. We will have a Jersey Day again this Friday as well as a ‘predict the margin of the final’ competition. This competition is free and there will be a small prize for the winner/s. If you think Mayo will win by 3pts say ‘Mayo 2pts’. If you think Tyrone will win by 2pts say ‘Tyrone 2pts’. If you think it will be a draw (like myself) say ‘Draw’.


The school, like every other school in Ireland, does not carry Personal Accident Insurance. So if your child were to trip in the yard and fall he/she would not be covered for any ensuing injuries. The school does, however, carry Public Liability Insurance. Under this insurance a child’s injuries could be covered if, through legal process, it could be proven that the accident happened through culpable negligence on the part of the school. As it is unlikely that injuries will be compensated through the above, Allianz each year offers to parents/guardians a Personal Accident Policy cost €8.00 which provides medical insurance to cover all accidents 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Information on the cover provided by Allianz will be e-mailed to you today. It is not necessary to return the form to the school your child/children will be covered once payment has been made to us. We ask all families to take out this cover.

Art & Craft/Homework Journal/ Copy Prices

Insurance Art & CraftCopies/Pencils/FoldersTotal Due
Junior Infants€8.00€25.00€8.00€41.00
Senior Infants€8.00€25.00€3.00€36.00
First Class€8.00€25.00€9.00€42.00
Second Class €8.00 €25.00 €9.00 €41.00
Third Class €8.00 €25.00 €8.00 €41.00
Fourth Class €8.00 €25.00 €9.00 €42.00
Fifth Class €8.00 €25.00 €9.00 €42.00
Sixth Class €8.00 €25.00 €9.00 €42.00

You can use the online payment system. You will receive an e-mail today with a link to make the payment. If you do not receive this e-mail please contact Helen in the office.

If you wish to pay by cash please put the total amount in an envelope with your child’s name and class on it.

It’s very important that you acknowledge receiving all e-mails sent to you. If you don’t we’re not sure that you received the e-mail or whether the wrong e-mail was given to us in error.

Jersey Day

Our Jersey Day last Friday was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and teachers alike. I’ve never seen just a vast array of jerseys on display in Rathfeigh, Meath, Skryne, Ratoath, Seneschalstown, Mayo, Kerry and Tyrone just to mention a few. The children took part in a gaelic football games, crossbar challenge and penalty shootout competitions. A few pictures of Fridays’ events will be on the school website in the next few days. Well done to all the children for their participation in the activities.

Gaelic Football/ Rugby Coaching

Over the last few years and even during the Covid crisis we’ve had gaelic football and rugby coaches come to the school regularly to train the children in the skills of Gaelic football and rugby. I’ve been in contact with these coaches and these are the updates – Damien (gaelic coach) may be able to come in October but this is yet to be confirmed. Kevin (rugby coach) has changed role in the club so he will not be returning. He did, however, say if there is a replacement then he/she will come to our school.

After school activities

Prior to the Covid pandemic we were very fortunate to have after school activities on all days after school – Irish Dancing, Speech & Drama, Gymnastics and basketball. These extra curricular activities were really beneficial to the children and we thank all the people who organised these activities. Gymnastics started last Friday and Irish Dancing will begin on Wednesday September 22nd. We have a few days that are free. If you would like to do an after school activity or you know someone who is interested in running these activities please contact the school ([email protected]).

Gaelic Football Training

Myself and Ms. Reynolds are hoping to start training the boys and girls in Gaelic football ( 3rd to 6th) in the next few weeks. We haven’t been given any indication as to when the Cumann na mBunscol competitions will be starting again. Hopefully in the Spring they may be starting. In the meantime we hope to start up training shortly.

Computer Classes

The Computer classes (pre Covid) with Colm were very successful with the children in all classes progressing really well with their I.T. skills. I have been in contact with Colm regarding the return of lessons. Colm is going to wait until early October at the earliest before he make a decision on his return. The trajectory of the positive Covid 19 cases in the country will pay an important part in Colm making his decision to return. We will keep you informed with developments in relation to this in the coming weeks.

Covid – 19

It’s not surprising that over 600 schools nationwide had Covid-19 issues in the first full week of the return to school last week. These cases are at their highest while schools have been open over the last 18 months. These high figures highlight the need for us all to be very vigilant in relation to Covid-19. If your child is experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms please contact a G.P. immediately and don’t send your child to school. Everyone’s co-operation in relation to this is essential for everyone’s health and safety. If your child is absent from school for any reason we ask you to please fill in the Return to School Declaration Form which is on the school website.


Our Graduation class received their Confirmation last Tuesday in Navan. Although the ceremony was shorter than in previous years due to Covid it was still a lovely ceremony. It was great seeing the children again and I wish them the best of luck in secondary school. Thanks to Pauline from the Parents’ Association who helped as a Covid Assistant at the church. We really appreciate Pauline giving her time on Tuesday for the duration of the ceremony. Thanks.

Circus Photography

We e-mailed all families last week informing you that Suzanne from Circus Photography will be in the school on Thursday September 9th to take the Junior Infant Class photo which we put up on the school wall, and individual/family photographs. If you wish to have your child/children’s photographs taken you must fill in a form online today the link is or contact Suzanne at 087-8620056.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.