Imlitir 14

Imlitir 14

5th December, 2016.

A Thuisti,

As parents in the digital era, we are concerned about the safety of our children while they are online. Children have access to the internet, games consoles, iPads etc. It’s our responsibility to protect our children while they are on the internet. is an excellent website for empowering parents/guardians through education to protect their kids online. The website deals with safety settings, excessive internet use, how to talk to your child in their language etc. I would encourage parents/guardians to view the website.

Swimming continues this Wednesday for Third, Fourth and Sixth classes. If you haven’t already paid ( €35.00) please do so this week.

Second class pupils have a Pre-Communion mass practice this Friday (December 9th) from 9.30am to 10.30am. We will need help with lifts. If you are unable to bring your child to the practice please make arrangements with other parents/guardians before Friday.

Please find attached the Uniform Questionnaire. Please return the form before Wednesday (Dec7th). There will be a forum after Christmas to discuss in detail the Uniform Policy of our school.

We are updating the contact details for children at the moment e.g. parents/guardians phone numbers, childminders etc. If you have changed your phone number please let the school know. It is vitally important that we have these numbers so as to enable us to contact people in an emergency.

Photographs of some of the children enjoying our recent Book Fair are now on the school website.

Folens Christmas Annuals are available from the office for €4.00.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.