Imlitir 1

Imlitir 1

29th August, 2017.

A Thuisti,

Welcome back everyone. The nine weeks summer holidays has flown by. As we start the school year with confidence and optimism I would like to wish everyone in the school community a happy and successful year. I believe that by all of us working together we can make this a great year for all the children. Today is an exciting day for all the new Junior Infants and their parents/guardians. It may take time for the Juniors to fully settle in and there may be a few tears! All children are individuals and I am confident they will all settle in their own good time! The Junior Infants will go home this week at 12.00 noon. From Monday September 4th the Junior Infants will go home at 1.40p.m.

Our Parents’ Association, and in particular Bridget Copeland, has done a fantastic job in having all the childrens’ books ready for the start of the school year. The Book Rental Scheme has been a great success due to our hard working Parents’ Association. We ask the children to be careful with their books as they need to be passed on in good condition.

We have a healthy lunch policy in the school. Children are not allowed sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks, chewing gum etc except on certain occasions. Our school is a ‘Nut Free’ school due to pupils in the school having life-threatening allergies to nuts. The ‘Administration of Medicines Policy 2015’ can be viewed on the school website. A hard copy can be obtained from the office.

At the start of each year we ask all parents/guardians for their permission for their children to participate in certain activities. Please read the Parental Permission Forms and tick the relevant boxes and return the form to us by Friday 1st September.

Please find attached information on School Attendance and Punctuality.

Important Dates:

Parent/Teacher Meetings: November 22nd/23rd

Standardised Tests: May 28th to May 31st

School Reports: Posted on June 14th

First Communion: May 12th.

Confirmation: April 15th

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley.