Imlitir 1

30th August, 2021

A Thuisti,

The children in all classes have settled in very well after the summer holidays. We were particularly delighted to see our new Junior Infants enjoying their new surroundings. From today the Junior Infants and Senior infants will go home at 1.40pm. The lovely weather last week really helped the children settle in and hopefully they’ll be able to play on the field for a few more weeks at least weather permitting.

Procedures to be followed for suspected/confirmed Covid 19 cases in primary schools

As I mentioned last week in the e-mail to parents/guardians we have to be extremely careful and vigilant in relation to the Delta variant. The number of confirmed positive cases is hovering around 2000 daily cases which is significantly higher than this time last year. We ask all parents/guardians to be extremely vigilant and not to take chances in relation to the virus. If your child is displaying any symptoms whatsoever of Covid-19 please keep him/her at home and contact a GP immediately. These are cough, fever, headache, sore throat and blocked or runny nose.

If there is a positive case of Covid-19 in the school the following procedures will be followed.

· The response to confirmed cases or outbreaks in our school will be led by Public Health HSE and, any actions to be taken by our school will be communicated directly by them. School management will be informed if action such as excluding children or staff; partial or full closures are deemed necessary. If the school is not so informed, it has not been deemed necessary by the Public Health.

· If a child displays symptoms which may be consistent with COVID 19 the school will contact their parent or guardian and ask them to collect their child as soon as possible. The child will be cared for appropriately by a staff member whilst they are waiting to go home. The isolation space will be cleaned and contact surfaces disinfected when vacated. The staff member who has cared for the child with symptoms during this time does not need to go home unless subsequently advised to by Public Health HSE.

· At this stage, no further action by the school is required.

· In particular, schools are asked to note that they should not inform other parents or staff members that a pupil or staff member has gone home due to their symptoms. Other pupils or staff do not need to be removed from class, including siblings or other household members.

· If a GP determines that symptoms are consistent with COVID 19 infection, and the person is referred for a test, at this point the person becomes a suspected COVID 19 case and household members, including siblings, should be withdrawn from school by their parent or guardian.

· Where there is a confirmed case, it will not be automatically assumed that a whole class will be deemed as close contacts.

· There is no blanket policy to test entire classes.

· In the event of an outbreak, Public Health will determine between a range of possible interventions, from exclusion and testing of a small group or pod of pupils up to, and including, closure of an affected facility.

Principal Administrative Days

As a result of Covid-19 Teaching Principals are given one day weekly for administrative days. On all Fridays this year I will have Ms. Healy teaching 3rd/4th class on my administrative days.

Part Time Resource Teacher

We are delighted to have Mrs Cooke back with us again this year as part-time resource teacher. She will be with us one day a week until Easter.

Book Rental

Thanks to Bridget Copeland who organised the Book Rental Scheme again this year. Please ensure the children take good care of the books as some of them will be used again next year.

The children got their Copies, Folders and ( Homework Journals 1st to 6th ) last week. The children will bring home their copies to get them covered.

Parental Permission Form/Contact Form

We ask parents/guardians for their permission for their children to participate in certain activities. Please read the Parental Permission Form and tick the relevant boxes and return the forms in an envelope by Wednesday 1st September.

Please complete the Contact Form and return it to the office in an envelope by September 1st.

Your child will take home both forms today.


We ask all parents/guardians to please put their child’s name on their Tracksuit Tops.

Administration of Medicines

All families who have children with medical issues (nut allergies, asthma etc) must return the Administration of Medicines forms by September 1st in an envelope. The form can be downloaded from the school website. This form must be returned regardless of whether the form was filled out last year.


Confirmation for our Graduation Class takes place tomorrow in St Mary’s Church Navan at 5pm. They have been waiting patiently for their big day and we wish them all and their families a spiritual day. Most of them are starting secondary school this week and we wish them the best of luck. They are always welcome back in the school in years to come for Transition Year work experience etc.

School Calendar

Reminder: The school calendar can be viewed on the school website.

Art Mural

Roisin’s art mural at the front of the school is proving to be very positive if feedback in the local community is anything to go by. People are stopping to take photographs of it and we are getting enquiries from people who want Roisin to do an art piece for their organisation. Please get people to contact the school if they are interested in having Roisin doing an art piece. We can give them contact details if they’re interested.

Jersey Day

To celebrate Meath’s great achievement on Saturday winning the Gaelic Minor Football Final for the first time since 1992 we will have a Jersey Day this Friday. The children can wear any jersey they like but if they have a Meath, Rathfeigh or Skryne jersey then even better.

The Meath Ladies Football team are playing in the All-Ireland Final against Dublin on Sunday. We wish them luck and hopefully they will overcome the odds and win the cup.

Is mise,

Seamus Tansley

Priomh Oide.