Imlitir 1​​

Imlitir 1​​
29th August, 2013.

A Thuisti,

Welcome back everyone after the summer holidays. A special welcome is extended to our new Junior Infants and their parents. I’m confident that they will adapt well to their new surroundings. Junior Infants will go home at 12.00 noon up to and including Friday 6th September. From Monday 9th September the Juniors will go home at 1.40p.m.

We would like to thank the Parents’ Association for their huge effort in getting the school books ready. We ask the children to be extra careful with their books as they need to be passed on in good condition.

If you have any concern about any aspect of your child’s schooling please contact the school and make an appointment to see the class teacher. Parents should check their child’s journal regularly for notes and sign nightly when homework has been completed.

We want to let parents know well in advance that standardised tests in English and Maths for all children in first to sixth classes will take place from May 26th to May 30th 2014. Last year there were numerous children absent for these tests which were administered by the class teachers. Absent children have to be administered the tests by our Learning Support and Resource Teachers. This results in our teachers being unable to teach the children who have been allocated resource hours by the Department of Education and those children who are getting extra tuition in Maths and English. We would, therefore, respectfully request parents to have their children in attendance for these tests.

I would like to thank John Farnan, our caretaker, for having the school in immaculate condition for the start of the school year.

Each year, we ask all parents for their permission for the children to participate in certain activities. Please read the Parental Permission Form and tick the relevant boxes and return the form to us as soon as possible.

Mrs Vaughan will be absent until Monday 9th September.

Is mise,
Seamus Tansley.
Priomh Oide.