Imlitir 1

Imlitir 1                                                                30th August, 2012.

A Thuisti,


A very warm welcome back to everyone after the summer holidays. I am very excited about the year ahead and I look forward to meeting you all. A special welcome is extended to our new Junior Infants and their parents. My eldest child also starts this term so I can understand the feelings experienced by some parents. I would like to reassure you that by working together we can make the transition to starting school an enjoyable and memorable one for our children. Every school day after the first will be part of the developmental process of maturing, learning and growing. I wish all the children the very best as they begin and continue their life long journey.


You are welcome to the school at any time to discuss any aspect of your child’s schooling which is giving you concern, but please if possible make an appointment with your child’s teacher.


I would like to thank the Parents’ Association for their huge effort in getting the school books ready for all the children. We ask the children to be extra careful with their books as they need to be passed on in good condition.


Ms. Higgins is replacing Mrs. Campbell who is on maternity leave and I wish her success in teaching Senior Infants. Caren Smyth will be teaching 1st/2nd classes until Friday 7th September. The vacant permanent position should be filled by Monday 10th September.


I would like to thank John Farnan, our caretaker, for having the school in immaculate condition for the start of the school year.


From Monday 3rd September all children will line up before school at the back of the school.


Is mise,



Seamus Tansley.

Priomh Oide.