Education Passport

                                                                                                                         May 11th 2020

                                     Education Passport

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. The last two months has been difficult for the children but I hope they are coping well in the extremely difficult circumstances.

At this time of year in normal circumstances we would be giving the children and their families information about the Education Passport. This “Passport” was introduced a number of years ago by the Department of Education and Science to help facilitate the transfer of pupils from primary to secondary school. It consists of three items of information:

  1. My Profile

This sheet is to be completed by your child.

  • My Child’s Profile

This is to be filled out by you (Parent/Guardian).

  • End-of Year School Report

This will be completed by Ms.Reynolds.

The information in the Education Passport is intended to:

  • provide a rounded picture of your child’s progress and achievement in primary school
  • help your child to continue to make progress
  • signal to post-primary school where additional support(s) may be intended to help your child’s learning

Please download the “My Profile” and “My Child’s Profile” sheets and post the completed forms to the school by Monday May 18th 2020.

Please refer to for further information.


Seamus Tansley